Dr Naama Carlin

Dr Naama Carlin


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Social Sciences UNSW 2017

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours 1) UNSW 
Double Majors in Social Research & Policy and Sociology & Anthropology

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Social Sciences

I am a lecturer in Sociology and Social Sciences at the School of Social Sciences, UNSW. As a teacher, I believe classrooms are a space for students to experience moments of discovery and newfound knowledge of the world and my teaching is oriented around these moments of discovery and learning. I'm also a memoir and opinion writer; my work has featured in Meanjin, Overland Literary Journal, ABC Religion and Ethics, among other places. 

  • Books | 2022
    Carlin N, 2022, Morality, Violence, and Ritual Circumcision: Writing with Blood
    Books | 2022
    Carlin N, 2022, Morality, Violence, and Ritual Circumcision, Routledge, http://dx.doi.org/10.4324/9781003092377
  • Journal articles | 2022
    Carlin N; Jones BT; Laugesen A, 2022, '“Friendship, but Bloke-ier”: Can Mateship Be Reimagined as an Inclusive Civic Ideal in Australia?', Journal of Australian Studies, 46, pp. 196 - 210, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14443058.2021.1982750
  • Creative Written Works | 2022
    Carlin N, 2022, The Child in Me, Meanjin, Melbourne University Press, https://meanjin.com.au/memoir/the-child-in-me/
    Creative Written Works | 2022
    Carlin N, 2022, When Less is Whole, Meanjin, Melbourne University Publishing, https://meanjin.com.au/memoir/when-less-is-whole/
    Creative Written Works | 2019
    Carlin N, 2019, Of the name, Meanjin, MEANJIN COMPANY LTD, https://meanjin.com.au/memoir/of-the-name/
    Creative Written Works | 2019
    Carlin N, 2019, The Beast Is Us, Meanjin, University of Melbourne
    Creative Written Works | 2015
    Carlin NC, 2015, Written in My Body, Meanjin, Melbourne University Press

Vice Chancellor Award for Excellence in Teaching – Rising Star and Early Career, UNSW 2019

Arts & Social Sciences Dean’s Learning & Teaching Awards – Rising Star in Teaching, UNSW 2018

Sol Encel Prize for Best Honours thesis in Sociology, UNSW - 2010

My Research Supervision

Completed Honours supervisions


Kathryn Zhang, Inscripted on the Body: An Analysis of the Body as a Tool of Expression and Resistance in China (Hons Class 1)

Thea Elder, Mapping the Role of Consent & BDSM Communication in Online Landscapes: A Virtual Ethnography Exploring Why White People Defining Consent Isn’t Enough


Meaghan O'Grady, The Colour Palette of Moral Decision Making