Dr Natasha Hirschhorn-Edwards

Dr Natasha Hirschhorn-Edwards

Project Manager


Medicine & Health
School of Population Health

As the Program and Communications Manager for the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Medicine Intelligence (MI-CRE), I coordinate and communicate the research activities of our collaborative research network. Knowledge translation is key to the success of any research program, and I am passionate about utilising real-world data to generate evidence that underpins better policy and guidelines for the health of our population. 

In November 2020, the MI-CRE was awarded a $2.5 million five-year grant from the NHMRC for the purpose of delivering ‘real-world’ evidence on the use and outcomes of medicines in Australia. The MI-CRE is a national collaboration of ten Chief Investigators and ten Associate Investigators from universities across Australia and is led by Professor Sallie Pearson from the School of Population Health, UNSW Medicine and Health. 

In addition to my work with the MI-CRE I also work part-time at the National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit (NPESU). The NPESU is a leading national agency of information and research in pregnancy, childbirth and the neonatal period, and is a joint unit of the School of Women’s and Children’s Health and the Centre for Big Data Research in Health, UNSW Sydney.  

My research background is in maternal and perinatal epidemiology and health information management. I led the development of the world-first Maternity Care Classification System (MaCCS) for the Commonwealth Department of Health as part of the AIHW National Maternity Data Development Project. My areas of research interest include maternal and perinatal outcomes under different models of care. I have co-authored a number of national epidemiological reports, including the first Perinatal deaths in Australia report in 2016 and managed the development of the first website in Australia dedicated to reporting the success rates of IVF treatment - YourIVFSuccess.com.au. I completed my PhD in 2019 in the School of Women's and Children's Health, UNSW validating the MaCCS. 

In additional to my professional responsibilities, I have been a leading consumer advocate and representative in maternal and perinatal health for almost 20 years, providing advice on state and national committees and Boards, including the Australian College of Midwives National Board and the International Vasa Previa Foundation. 

Room 209 Level 2, Samuels Building
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