Ms Nichole Barry

Ms Nichole Barry

Scientia Fellow (Level B)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, University of Washington, 2018 -- Enhancing EoR limits through improved instrumental calibration of the MWA, supervised by Prof Miguel Morales
  • Master of Science Minor in Astrobiology, University of Washington, 2018 -- Graduate Certificate
  • Master of Science in Physics, University of Washington, 2016
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, University of California Davis, Integrated Studies Honors Program, 2012
School of Physics

I am an avid researcher in the field of observational cosmology, radio science, and precision analysis. I specialise in Epoch of Reionisation searches, developing unique analysis approaches that push the boundaries of achieved precision within the radio-science community. I did my PhD at the University of Washington, and have worked at the University of Melbourne and Curtin University. In 2024, I began my tenure-track journey at the University of New South Wales as a Scientia Lecturer. I am always happy to have a conversation about pursuing an Honours or PhD project in early Universe cosmology using radio interferometers.

  • Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Australian Research Council, 2024 -- 381,237 AUD for three years
  • Astronomy Data & Compute Services Merit Allocation Program, six semesters from 2021 to 2024 -- 217,000 AUD equivalent
  • Laby ECR Travel Scholarship, 2019, 2021 -- 9,900 AUD
  • Forrest Research Foundation Forrest Fellowship 2020 -- >100,000 AUD per year for three years plus additional 100,000 AUD slush fund
  • The Dutch Research Council (NWO) Veni Fellowship, 2020 -- €250,000 for three years, not accepted

  • Louise Webster Prize for Early Career Researchers from the Astronomical Society of Australia, 2023 co-winner

My Research Supervision

Aman Chokshi (University of Melbourne)