Mr Nimal Kumar Balasubramani
Casual Academic

Mr Nimal Kumar Balasubramani

Sch: Mech & Manufacturing Eng

I am a doctoral researcher at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia with research focus on stochastic multi-scale failure modelling of aerospace textile composite structures. In my research, I employ a range of tools and techniques in studying mechanics of composite materials and structures including advanced experimental techniques such as computerised tomography and digital image correlation, and computational mechanics and statistical methods. As such, I have developed expertise in finite element analysis, virtual testing of materials, high performance computing and machine learning implementations.

Always open to explore opportunities to conduct collaborative research on virtual testing of composites.

Ainsworth J17, Room 208, Desk 33


  • Reports | 2019
    Pearce G; Chowdhury N; Balasubramani N, 2019, Boeing/UNSW Report 2
    Reports | 2017
    Chowdhury N; Pearce G; Balasubramani N, 2017, Boeing/UNSW Report 1
  • Conference Abstracts | 2019
    Balasubramani NK; Chowdhury N; Pearce G, 2019, 'Understanding Failure Initiation Locations in Stochastic Virtual Composite Specimens using a Machine Learning Framework', in 22nd International Conference on Composite Materials, Melbourne, Australia, presented at 22nd International Conference on Composite Materials, Melbourne, Australia, 11 August 2019 - 16 August 2019