Dr Patrick Burr
Senior Lecturer

Dr Patrick Burr

  • PhD in computational materials for fission and fusion applications, Imperial College London, UK, 2015.
  • MEng (Hons) in Material Science, First Class, Imperial College London, UK. Specialising in energy, nano- and bio-materials.
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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The central aim of my research is to discover the degradation mechanisms of materials used in energy applications, to aid the design of new materials with improved resilience to degradation processes.

I have largely focussed on nuclear materials (fusion and fission) as these are subject to the most extreme conditions and therefore pose the greatest challenge, but I continually transfer the knowledge to solar cells, solid electrolyte fuel cells, electrochemical capacitor and batteries. Specific areas of expertise include: 

  • Material science
    • Degradation of materials (corrosion, irradiation, high temperature, etc)
    • Materials for extreme environments (Fusion energy, outer space, extreme temperatures)
    • Solar photovoltaic materials
    • Nuclear materials
    • Battery materials
    • Simulations and modelling of materials
  • Nuclear Engineering
    • The nuclear fuel cycle
    • Fusion energy
    • Next generation reactors (Gen IV reactors, small modular reactors, and current/old reactor types)
    • Research reactors (nuclear medicine production and neutron generation for science)
    • Nuclear waste management

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+61 2 9385 0918
Ainsworth Building (J17), level 4, room 402A
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  • Preprints | 2022
    Nicholls OG; Frost D; Tuli V; Smutna J; Wenman MR; Burr PA, 2022, Transferability of Zr-Zr interatomic potentials, http://arxiv.org/abs/2207.03617v1
    Preprints |
    Tuli V; Claisse AJ; Burr PA, Hydrogen Solubility in Zr-Nb Alloys, http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.3957208

Chief Investigator 

  • USA Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and CSIRO – Advanced reactor impact not he back end of the nuclear fuel cycle – $100,400 – PA Burr.
  • Tokamak Energy (UK), Accelerating the development of shielding materials for spherical Tokamaks – $636,000 – PA Burr, EG Obbard.
  • Australian Research Council, Discovery Project DP170103219 – Advanced electrochemical capacitors – $270,000 – A Lennon, Z Ouyang, PA Burr.
  • Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB Industry sponsorship – $66,000 – PA Burr.
  • $330,000 in-kind computational resources through national merit allocation schemes.
  • $405,000 in-kind access to Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering (ACNS).
  • UNSW Research infrastructure scheme – $64,750.

Named Partner Investigator

  • Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning), SUNRISE project (Sustainable Nuclear energy Research In Sweden) – SEK 50,000,000 (AUD $7,800,000).
  • EPSRC responsive mode grant (2017-2020) – £665,000 (AUD $1,200,000).
  • EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (2019-2024) – £5,900,000 (AUD $10,600,000).

  • 2014: Best speaker award at the Nuclear Institute young speaker competition, Didcot, UK.
  • 2011: Bessemer Medal for excellence in metallurgy at Imperial College London, UK.
  • 2011: David West Prize for applied use of phase diagrams, Imperial College London, UK.
  • 2010: Armourers and Brasiers & AWE bursary for undergraduate studies in nuclear materials, UK.