Adjunct Professor Paul McCarthy
Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor Paul McCarthy

Computer Science and Engineering

Professor Paul X McCarthy is a CEO, computational social science research leader and author.   His bestselling book Online Gravity explains how technology is rebooting economics worldwide and is now published in English (Simon & Schuster, London & Sydney), Chinese (Citic Press, Beijing) and Russian (AST, Moscow). McCarthy is a contributor to The Conversation, AFR and Forbes on business, technology and innovation.

McCarthy is CEO and co-founder of League of Scholars a startup working with Universities, Governments and Publishers including Nature and News Corporation to help understand who’s who in research worldwide. McCarthy is also co-founder of several innovative enterprises for IBM, NSW Government and CSIRO—Australia’s National Science Agency and the inventors of Wi-Fi. Previously he was a founding board member and Chairman of The Studio — a new global media tech hub launched in Sydney in 2018 by Scott Morrison, MP. 

McCarthy is a trusted adviser to Government and a number of technology startups and an Honorary Fellow at Western Sydney University.

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