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Dr Paul Ryder


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Paul Ryder teaches strategic dynamics, structuralism, semiotics, and communication theory at the University of New South Wales. His current research sees the application of high theory vis-à-vis an emerging 'general grammar of strategy'; a hermeneutics of strategy contingent upon what Michel Foucault calls 'the grid of strategy and tactics' (see 'Society Must Be Defended'). In this connection, and as a preliminary step to the greater enterprise, Ryder has developed a three-dimensional tripartite construct that models strategy's internal dynamics. Apropos, models developed by Ryder apply to any field in which strategy is scoped, architected, mobilised or reflected upon—including the military domain, the commercial milieu, the arena of business management consulting, the realm of politics, the sphere of communication studies, and so on. While the foregoing is Ryder's major research focus, he is also interested in strategic studies, critical discourse analysis, advertising strategy, impact investing (for social enterprises), and the structural semantics and semiotics of war film. He has a more than casual interest in modern fiction and, as a hobby, also publishes in this area. Here, his particular interest is in the automobile as a narrative engine in early twentieth-century British and American literature. Ryder has founded successful educational, communications, and management consulting enterprises, and draws on this extensive experience both in his research activity and in the university classroom.

Prior to expressing interest in having Paul supervise your doctoral dissertation, you are encouraged to read some of his publications. Expressions of interest should include more than a general idea of the field to be investigated. For example, a pitch such as 'Dear Paul, I'd like to write a dissertation on strategy' will not get a terribly enthusiastic response. Instead, you are encouraged to articulate a coherent proposition, develop a few key questions, offer a brief (300-400 word) discussion that includes inline citations, and a reference list of no fewer than ten significant essays and /or books. Once your EOI is received and evaluated, Paul will invite you to a Skype meeting in which the proposal will be further discussed. Should that discussion please both parties, you will then be invited to make formal application—nominating Paul as a potential chair supervisor.  Paul has supervised 11 doctoral dissertations, in most instances as chair. 

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Strategic studies

Strategic dynamics / The grammar of strategy / Strategic design

Campaign dynamics 

Structuralism and semiotics

Social enterprise and impact investing

The structure and semiotics of war film

Power and public relations discourse

Advertising strategy


My Research Supervision

Bhupesh Joshi—Bridging the divide between Public Relations and Communication for Development  (PhD Dissertation)