Rebecca Dang

Rebecca Dang

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Optometry and Vision Science

Research Title: Efficacy of multifocal soft contact lenses in the control of progressive myopia in children


Alex Hui and Isabelle Jalbert


Pauline Kang

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Myopia is an increasing global public health issue with an estimated prevalence of up to 50% of the population affected by 2050. It results from excessive eye growth particularly during childhood, which can result in permanent vision impairment and blindness. Therefore, safe and effective myopia control interventions targeting these critical periods of growth are essential in the management of global vision and eye health.

Among the various myopia control interventions, soft multifocal contact lenses have the benefits of a non-pharmacological mechanism of action as well as being relatively non-invasive. My research hopes to explore factors impacting the efficacy of different multifocal soft contact lens designs with the aim of providing insight into the etiology of myopia and its progression.


Rebecca graduated with a combined Bachelor of Optometry with Honours and Bachelor of Science from UNSW in 2014. After working in both independent and corporate practices in Sydney and the south coast of NSW, she returned as an optometrist at the UNSW Optometry Clinic where she currently works as a clinical supervisor in the Myopia Control Clinic and as a strand convenor of Paediatric Optometry Clinic. She also lectures as part of the undergraduate Optometry programme and supervises multiple final-year Optometry student research projects.


M Optom, UNSW (2020)

B Optom/B Sci (Hons), UNSW (2014)


Young Optometrists NSW/ACT

Optometry Australia

UNSW Optometry Clinic, Ground Floor, North Wing, Rupert Myers Building, UNSW Sydney, NSW 2052