Dr Sander   De Groote

Dr Sander De Groote

PhD in Business Economics (Accounting): "Determinants and consequences of director opportunistic insider trading.", KU Leuven, Belgium

Master of Business Economics (Msc), KU Leuven, Belgium

Bachelor of Business Economics (Bsc), KU Leuven, Belgium 

Business School
Sch of Accounting, Audit & Tax

Sander De Groote

School of Accounting – PhD, KU Leuven, Belgium |  Master of Business Economics (Msc), KU Leuven, Belgium | Bachelor of Business Economics (Bsc), KU Leuven, Belgium 

Sander joined the School of Accounting as a Lecturer in April 2020. He completed his PhD at KU Leuven in Belgium, with substantial time spent at Northeastern University in the United States and Tilburg University in The Netherlands. He also holds a bachelors and master’s degree from KU Leuven.
Sanders’ research focusses on corporate governance, with a specific interest on the role of director behaviour in the firm information environment. Sander studies insider trading using it as a measure of director diligence and ethics. He is interested in assessing fairness in the firm information environment and in the treatment of different members of the board of directors. His work on predicting firms’ tax avoidance behaviour has been published in Decision support systems.

+61 2 9385 5844
3065 Quadrangle building - Ref E15


  • Journal articles | 2021
    Dr Sander De Groote
    Morris RD; Dai L; De Groote S; Holmes E; Lau L; Li CK; Nguyen P, 2021, 'Coping with COVID: pivoting perspectives from teaching a third-year undergraduate financial accounting course', Accounting Research Journal, vol. ahead-of-print, http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/ARJ-09-2020-0295
    Journal articles | 2018
    Dr Sander De Groote
    Lismont J; Cardinaels E; Bruynseels L; De Groote S; Baesens B; Lemahieu W; Vanthienen J, 2018, 'Predicting tax avoidance by means of social network analytics', Decision Support Systems, vol. 108, pp. 13 - 24, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.dss.2018.02.001


  • 2017: International Accounting and Finance Doctoral Symposium Best Potential Paper Award for “Limiting Director Opportunistic Insider Trading Through Compensation.”

  • 2016: International Accounting and Finance Doctoral Symposium Prof Michael McKenzie Best Paper Award for “Do companies care about insider trading behavior? Evidence from director turnover.” With Liesbeth Bruynseels and Ann Gaeremynck


Research Grants

  • 2017: Limperg International Scholarship program grant supporting a research visit to Northeastern University (€ 6.460; maximum 5 scholarships awarded every year.)
  • 2015: Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) PhD project funding for 4 years (acceptance rate: 22%) Board Insider Trading: an Investigation of Individual Director Characteristics, Board Social Connections and Consequences for Board Performance.