Dr Scott Brown

Dr Scott Brown

  • PhD Art, Design and Media (UNSW Sydney, Australia)
  • B Digital Media, Hons First Class (UNSW Sydney, Australia)
Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Art & Design

I am a Lecturer at UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture (ADA) using interactive technologies and human-centred design approaches to work with neurodiverse populations. Based in the School of Art & Design, I bring an interaction design and UX perspective to inclusive practices, co-design and assistive technology. My teaching and research examines creative implementations of embodied and sensory interaction and the value of accessible technology in eliciting social engagement between people. I’m also the Director of Sector Engagement (Health) at ADA, a role in which I aim to support and promote the human-centred approaches to health and wellbeing research found across our diverse faculty.

I lead the assistive technology research focus of the Creative Robotics Lab, where I have developed responsive sensory spaces for facilitating conversation between autistic children and their parents. I have also investigated methods of using social robots in therapeutic and educational contexts. Community-led and co-design is central to my teaching and research, and I regularly engage with external partners and institutions for both activities. Through my research, I led the inaugural Autism MeetUp event (UNSW Art & Design) and established the Neurodiversity + Embodiment group for researchers collaborating in interdisciplinary approaches to advocating for neurodiverse communities.

+61-2-9065 6094
Paddington Campus Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington, NSW 2021
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    Brown SA, 2019, Design for Togetherness: Neurodiverse conversation in interactive praxis, http://handle.unsw.edu.au/1959.4/67159
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    Conference Papers | 2018
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    Curatorial Outputs | 2017
    Brown SA, 2017, If a system fails in a forest..., exhibited at: 107 Projects, Sydney, 13 June 2017 - 23 June 2013, If a system fails in a forest..., http://www.isea2013.org/events/107-projects/
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My Research Supervision

  • Wei Wang, Will visual scaffolding with elaborated letterforms make a difference for dyslexic readers? An experimental research on font and reading difficulty, PhD