Dr Shona Bates
Adjunct Lecturer

Dr Shona Bates

  • BSc Environmental Science and German (University of East London, 1995)
  • MSc Environmental Legislation & Management (Brunel University, UK, 1999)
  • Post-graduate studies in Development Management, Environmental Ethics, Environmental Valuation & Policy (Open University, UK, 2004)
  • PhD, UTS Business School (2015-2021 )
Medicine & Health
School of Population Health

Shona joined the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) at UNSW Australia in 2012 as a researcher and project manager. During this time, Shona has managed a range of complex short and long-term research projects and evaluations for service providers, advocacy organisations, state and federal government agencies, as well as international funders.  

Shona has over 25 years’ experience in policy and program analysis, project management, stakeholder engagement, partnership management, quality assurance and risk management, reporting and communication. Prior to joining SPRC, Shona worked for a number of government organisations in both Australia (Natural Resources Commission, Department of Environment and Climate Change) and England (Environment Agency, England and Wales), as well as working for the financing arm of the European Institutions (European Investment Bank) in Luxembourg developing and implementing both environmental and social policy.

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