Dr Simon Clay
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Simon Clay

Bachelor of Arts (Hons); Bachelor of Social Science - University of Queensland

PhD (Gender Studies/Sociology) - University of Otago

Medicine & Health
National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre

Simon Clay is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales. His research focuses on the relationship between drug use and expressions of well-being among queer and gender diverse individuals with a particular focus on community, risk, and identity. Simon's work extends into mental health and substance dependency, STIs & HIV, drug trends within minority communities, definitions of health, and examining how community organisations enact public health policy. He has a background in sociology, criminology, gender studies, and public health, and specialises in qualitative research methods and research ethics in relation to 'vulnerable' populations. Simon has been engaged in research with queer communities since 2015. His PhD explored the ways 'risky' health-related practices like condomless sex and drug use among gay & queer men can be legitimate forms of self-care and techniques of nurturing the mind & body.

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