Dr SJ Yang

Dr SJ Yang


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Macquarie Business School

Master of Research (MRes) Macquarie Business School

Master of Business Administration (MBA) UTS Business School

Business School
School of Management and Governance

Dr. Seung Jung (SJ) Yang is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer in Australia) in the School of Management and Governance, UNSW Business School. Her research focuses on cross-cultural management studies and predominantly on the question of how organisations can navigate the complexities of cultural differences and build global competitiveness. She received her Ph.D. from Macquarie University in Sydney. Prior to joining academia, SJ worked for multinational organisations in South Korea and provided cross-cultural consulting services to organisations such as LVMH, City of Sydney, and Transport NSW in Australia. 

+61 2 9348 0219
Rm 541 UNSW Business School Sydney NSW 2052 Australia