Dr Sukhmani Khorana
Scientia Fellow (Level D)

Dr Sukhmani Khorana

PhD (University of Adelaide); Bachelor of Media Honours (First Class - University of Adelaide)

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of the Arts and Media

Sukhmani Khorana is a Scientia Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of the Arts and Media.

She is interested in media, migration and affect and her research focuses on multi-platform refugee narratives, the politics of food, the role of emotions in social change, cultural diversity in media and culture, and self-representation by young people of colour.  Through her research, Sukhmani aims to create broader awareness about the lives of asylum seekers and refugees and contribute to the capacity-building of disadvantaged migrant communities.

Robert Webster 231F

  • ARC (LP220100456)

Funded in Feb 2023, Project title 'Place-based employment and enterprise of newly arrived young migrant women'; Lead CI with Dr Quah Ee Ling, A/Prof Nida Denson and Dr Teddy Nagaddya; Partner Organisations: Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections, CORE Community Services, Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre, Navitas, CuriousWorks, 15/15 Festival

Total: $150,000

  • ARC (LP150100202)

Funded in July 2015, Project titled ‘Migration, Cultural Diversity and Television: Reflecting Modern Australia’; CI with Prof Kate Darian-Smith and Prof Sue Turnbull; Partner Organisations: Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), and Museum Victoria

Total: $222,470

  • UOW Faculty Challenge Grant (Collaboration and Pilot Study)

Funded in April 2015 and November 2015, Project titled ‘Community and Activist Media in the Illawarra’; CI with Assoc Prof Tanja Dreher and Prof Bronwyn Carlson

Total: $13,000

  • ‘Foundations for Belonging’ Commissioned Research

Funded from 2019-2022; Partner: Settlement Services International; Lead CI with Associate Professor Liam Magee

Total: $20,000

  • ‘Creative Equity Toolkit’ Commissioned Research

Funded in 2021; Partner: Diversity Arts Australia; Lead CI with Dr Zelmarie Cantillon

Total: $5,000

  • Urban Living Futures and Society research theme champion funding

Funded in 2021; ‘Places for Belonging’ project (with Assoc Prof Anna Pertierra, Dr Rachael Jacobs and THINK+DO Foundation)

Total: $5,000

•  University of Wollongong ‘Impact-maker’ (2018)

•  Faculty Arete Research Champion, University of Wollongong (2018)

•  ‘Research Engagement’ Award winner, ICS local achievement awards at Western Sydney University (2021)