Dr Taehwan Kim
Senior Lecturer

Dr Taehwan Kim

Ph.D. (Civil Engineering), Purdue University, IN, USA

M.Sc. (Civil and Environmental Engineering), KAIST, South Korea

B. Sc. (Civil and Environmental Engineering), KAIST, South Korea

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Senior Lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Taehwan Kim is a Seinior Lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CVEN) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), a position he has held since June 2016. He received his BS and MS from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea and PhD from Purdue University, US. After gaining PhD, Dr Kim worked as a research associate at Oklahoma State University until June 2016. He was involved in and contributed to several interdisciplinary research projects, including innovative characterization techniques and advancement of the understanding of reactions occurring in cementitious materials. After joining UNSW Sydney, he is branching out to different research areas (rheology of materials, fundamental chemical reactions in cementitious materials, reuse of industrial wastes in construction materials) and to collaborate with various researchers within/outside CVEN.

Research Interest

  • Advanced and sustainable infrastructure materials
  • Thermodynamics in cementitious materials and the modelling of their chemical process
  • Advanced materials characterization techniques
  • Fundamental understanding of chemo-physical reactions in cementitious materials
  • Microstructure evolution of cementitious materials
  • Utilize natural and waste materials to develop the low carbon foot-print materials


CVEN3304 Concrete Structures

CVEN9824 Advanced Materials Technology

Looking for Students for projects related to: 

Candidates are expected to have a Master's degree in one of the following fields: Civil (materials or structures), materials science, chemistry, or related fields. Candidates with Bachelor's degree that includes a substantial research component are able to be considered. The candidates should have strong motivation in fundamental studies of materials and well-developed background of cementitious materials. Candidates with background in synthesis of calcium based materials, characterization techniques (including SEM-EDS, CT, XRF, XRD, NMR and FTIR) or computational thermodynamics are encouraged to apply.

(+61 2) 9385 5026
Civil Engineering Building (H20) Level 7, Room CE718 Kensington Campus
  • Journal articles | 2022
    Nguyen QD; Afroz S; Zhang Y; Kim T; Li W; Castel A, 2022, 'Autogenous and total shrinkage of limestone calcined clay cement (LC3) concretes', Construction and Building Materials, vol. 314, pp. 125720 - 125720, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2021.125720

2022 - 2024 ARC Discvery "Self-Healing Concrete for Mitigation of Chloride Induced Steel Corrosion" with A. Castel and W. Li
2021 - 2023  ARC Linkage "Decarbonizing built environments with hempcrete and green wall technology" with A. Castel, S. Wilkinson, C.G. da Rocha, F. Torpy, P. Irga, Y. Gan, A. Hajimohammadi, M. Karimi, D. Moreau, K. Marosszdky, W. Srubar
2021 - 2023 E3Sixtry Solar: Circular Solar Trial, NSW EPA "Investigation the reuse of glass from waste photovoltaic modulus for construction application", with A. Hajimohammadi
2021            BHP's Tailings Challenge consrotium proposal (Leading Theme 3: Repurposing), (with Application leader: S. Kara, S. Saydam)
2020 - 2023 NSW EPA "Next generation sustainable concrete trialling recycled glass in geopolymer concrete"with A. Hajimohammadi and S. Foster
2020 - 2022 An Innovation Connection Grant by XL Concrete "Development of Sustainable Concrete with Glass Waste Mixes" with A. Kashani and S. Foster

Current Members

PhD Students (Primary/Joint supervisor):

Zuobang Yao (2021 ~ present): Investigation of converting mine wastes as cementitious materials. (Co-supervised with Dr Ali Kashani)

Jiehong Li (2020 ~ present): Mechanical properties and durability of fibre reinforced foam concrete (Co-supervised with Dr Ailar Hajimohammadi)

Sumaiya Afroz (2019 ~ present): Durability of low-carbon concrete in severe environment. Shrinkage of low-carbon concrete. (Co-supervised with Prof Arnaud Catel)

Abdelrahman Hamdan (2019 ~ present): Effect of chemical oxides on the reaction kinetics of alkali activated materials.(Co-supervised by Dr Ailar Hajimohammadi)

PhD Students (Secondary supervisor):

Reza Namini (2022 ~ present): Modelling of CO2 transportation and reaction mechanisms to predict concrete durability against carbonation and corrosion (Primary: Dr Ali Kashani)

Emad Golafshani (2022 ~ present): Developing a sustainable mix design of concrete containing waste materials using machine learning and metaheuristic optimization algorithms (Primary: Dr Ali Kashani)


Yingda Zhang, PhD (2018 ~ 2022): Prevention of early age cracking in concrete through mix design parameters (Assistant Professor in Xihua University, China)

Mohammed Alnahhal, PhD (2018 ~ 2022): Rheology and durability of alkali-activated materials made of rice husk ash-derived sodium silicates

Quang Dieu Nguyen, PhD (2016 ~ 2020): Durability properties of low-carbon concrete incorporating alternative supplementary cementitious materials and manufactured aggregate (Research Assoicate at UTS, Australia)