Dr Vibeke Sorensen Catts

Dr Vibeke Sorensen Catts

2006    Doctor of Philosophy (Biomedical Science), University of Queensland. Thesis title: Cell death and proliferation in mental disorder.
1999    Bachelor of Science with Honours, Class I (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics), University of New South Wales. Thesis title: Elucidation of glucocorticoid resistance mechanisms in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Centre for Healthy BrainAgeing

Dr Vibeke Catts is the Study Coordinator of the Older Australian Twins Study (OATS), a longitudinal study aiming to determine the genetic and environmental influences on the ageing process, and the extent to which these determinants interact. OATS participants are assessed across multiple research domains: neuropsychological assessment of cognitive function, questionnaires detailing lifestyle, physical and mental health of self and family, blood biochemistry and genetics, and neuroimaging including MRI and PET scans. The study participates in several global consortia and supports the work of several research students at UNSW Sydney.

Dr Catts provides research management to the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA), including guidance on research governance and liaison with relevant regulatory bodies.

Meet Our Researcher
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Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) UNSW Medicine, School of Psychiatry Level 1, AGSM (G27) Gate 11, Botany Street UNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA



2013    Participant of the 2013 Theo Murphy High Flyers Think Tank “Inspiring smarter brain research in Australia”, hosted by the Australian Academy of Science, Melbourne
2011    Dean’s Rising Star Award, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales
2007    Young Investigator Award, International Congress on Schizophrenia Research
2001    Australian Postgraduate Award


University of New South Wales Gold Star (2014) Is the blood brain barrier compromised in schizophrenia. $40,000. with C Shannon Weickert, M Webster, S Fillman, TW Weickert.
Schizophrenia Research Institute (2013) Neurobiology of cortical thinning in schizophrenia. $16,100. with C Shannon Weickert, Y Zhang, K Newell & N Matosin.
UNSW Major Research Equipment & Infrastructure Scheme (2012) xCELLigence DP Real Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) System. $65,000. with J Fullerton, K Sidhu & C Shannon Weickert.
Cure Cancer Australia (2011) The anti-cancer effects of cholesterol trafficking and synthesis inhibitors as co-drugs in an in vivo glioblastoma multiforme model. AU$90,000. with LH Lutze-Mann, M Morris, E Hovey & M Lavin.
The Stanley Medical Research Institute (2009-2011). FAS-cinating changes in a death receptor pathway in schizophrenia. US$140,607. with C Shannon Weickert.
Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation (2006). Establishment of the Neuroplasticity Facility for Psychotic Disorders, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. $18,000. with SV Catts & GN Elston.
Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation (2003) Morphological studies of post-mortem brain tissue in schizophrenia. $14,150. with SV Catts, KD Bedi & GN Elston.
Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation (2002) A functional genomics centre for psychotic disorders. $14,203. with LH Lutze-Mann & SV Catts.
Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation (2001) Molecular genetic investigations of the causes of schizophrenia. $15,000. with LH Lutze-Mann & SV Catts.