Dr Yang Yang

Dr Yang Yang

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Yang Yang is an astrodynamics expert specialising in space navigation and space situational awareness. His research focuses on the application of emerging space technologies in our daily lives, with a particular emphasis on fostering a safer, more secure, and sustainable space environment for humanity.

Completing his PhD in Space Engineering in 2015, Dr. Yang has since held positions at esteemed universities in Australia and China, including RMIT University, Sun Yat-sen University, and The University of Sydney. Through his academic engagements, he has developed a strong foundation in teaching and research within the field of Space Engineering.

Currently serving as a Space Engineering Lecturer at UNSW MECH, Dr. Yang continues his pursuit of solving practical Space Engineering challenges. With a steadfast commitment to advancing knowledge and finding solutions, he remains at the forefront of addressing real-world problems in the realm of space exploration.

208H, Level 2, Building J17
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  • Preprints | 2023
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    Preprints | 2023
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Lead CI: “Passage Prediction for Mega-Constellation Satellites”, NSW Space Research Network Pilot Project, UNSW Sydney/Macquarie University, 2023-2024.

Co-CI: "Revolutionising Space Tracking Sensor Network Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach with Digital Twin and Machine Learning", UNSW Faculty of Engineering GROW Early Career Academic Grants Program, 2023.

Lead-CI: "Upgrading Physics C14 Telescope for Satellite Tracking", UNSW MECH Research Infrastructure Scheme, 2023. 

Dr. Yang Yang's research interests revolve around unraveling behaviours of Resident Space Objects (RSOs) through the intricate web of tracking data, fostering a deeper understanding of Space Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT) and Space Situational Awareness (SSA). With an insatiable curiosity, he seeks to predict and comprehend the nuanced patterns exhibited by these man-made entities. 

Drawing upon his extensive expertise in astrodynamics, Dr. Yang delves into the realm of nonlinear/non-Gaussian filtering/estimation, data association, GNSS measurement processing, precise orbit determination, and the multifaceted techniques that encompass PNT and SSA. His arsenal of skills encompasses a diverse range of methodologies, all aimed at unraveling the nature of RSOs within the confines of our increasingly crowded, congested, and contaminated space environment.

Currently, Dr. Yang immerses himself in the realm of data inference, seeking to quantify the behavioural essence of RSOs and advance the emerging PNT applications within the cislunar environment. Delving deep into the analysis of satellite "patterns of life," he passionately strives to enhance the accuracy and robustness of statistical orbit determination. Additionally, he actively explores the realm of lunar navigation, aiming to improve its efficiency through inter-satellite crosslinks. Dr. Yang's work serves as a catalyst in bridging the gap between academia and industry, fostering a symbiotic relationship that propels the future of enhanced space traffic.

My Research Supervision


  • Ahmed Ahmed (Postdoc): Passage Prediction for Mega-Constellation Satellites
  • Rameez Malik (PhD): Satellite Behaviour Inference and Characterisation for Space Situational Awareness (tentative topic)
  • Enbai Ji (MPhil): Inter-satellite Link Augmented Lunar Navigation
  • Aisha Kozak (Honours): Optimising Resident Space Object Detection Rates of Single-frame Streak Determination Algorithm
  • Ansh Panchal (Honours): Cislunar orbit determination
  • Anthony Carbone (Honours): A Low-cost Mobile Phone Satellite Tracking Solution 
  • Jaydon Barakat (Honours): Estimation as Applied to Satellite Manoeuvre Characterisation 
  • Joshua Kim (Honours): Astrometric Positioning for Space Situational Awareness
  • Mark Huang (Honours): On-board Satellite Detection for Space Situational Awareness


  • Ibrahim Fuad (Honours): Satellite Manoeuver Epoch Estimation From Optical Measurements Using Machine Learning
  • Mallory Justis (Practicum Exchange): Design and Calculation of Mars Trajectory on GMAT

My Teaching

AERO9500 - Satellite Systems Architectures and Orbits

AERO9610 - The Space Segment