Dr Yanjun Liu
Research Associate

Dr Yanjun Liu

School of Psychology

Taking a joint approach of empirical work and computational modeling, I am interested in how people make decisions in the presence of multi-dimensional information, and how decision-making, unfolding as a temporal dynamic process, interacts with other cognitive mechanisms, such as learning. My research spans domains of visual search, categorization, preference construction, multi-attribute decision-making, and risky choices. My latest research focus is on understanding how false beliefs formed early in the learning process influence subsequent decision-making.

I completed my PhD in Cognitive Psychology (advisor: Dr. James T. Townsend), and a Master in Applied Statistics at Indiana University Bloomington, U.S. My Bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) is jointly in Psychology and Mathematics-Economics, and my career path in cognitive psychology and mathematical modeling started in Dr. Jerome Busemeyer's  decision-making lab during my undergraduate years.