Conjoint Senior Lecturer

Dr Zinta Harrington

MB BS, Sydney University

BA, Sydney University

MSc (Health Sciences), Flinders University


Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

Zinta Harrington is a respiratory and sleep physician and head of the department at Liverpool Hospital. She has clinical interests in interstitial lung disease, tuberculosis, indigenous health, motor neuron disease. In the broader context she is also interested in quality improvement  and clinical service delivery with a focus on patient-centred outcomes.

Dr Harrington has worked in diverse locations across the country including Aboriginal controlled health services, remote hospitals and urban tertiary institutions. she has also worked in New Zealand, and had a visiting scientist position at Harvard Medical School. She holds degrees in Medicine, Arts, and  Masters of Health Sciences.

Dr Harrington's current aim is to engage her department in a continuous process of quality improvement with a goal of effective and compassionate patient care, facilitating research that makes a difference to patients, training staff to achieve their full potential and maintaining a workplace that is fun, inclusive and supportive.

Respiratory Sleep and Environmental Health Research Group, Research Seed Fund 2017 $15,000

Dr Harrington is currently involved in clinical trials in the Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine relating to airways disease and retrospective studies and audits relating to tuberculosis management.

She has a small number of publications in the topics of respiratory infections, rheumatic heart disease and sleep medicine.

Her current research plan is to evaluate interventions to improve sleep quality for inpatients and interventions to reduce frailty in inpatients.