The Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) has placed additional responsibility onto Australian Universities to ensure their incoming international students are fully aware of and comply with all student visa conditions.

UNSW has taken additional measures by requiring student interviews, financial documentation, and personal statements (where applicable) to comply with these new responsibilities. The additional steps will be requested by UNSW Admissions according to DoHA country guidelines.

How do I submit my GTE documentation?

If you have received a full or conditional offer and have been notified that you need to complete a GTE check, please take the following steps.

  1. Download and complete the GTE Declaration Form
    (If you are residing in India, please download and complete this form instead GTE Assessment and Financial Declaration Form)
  2. If you have an agent, send your declaration form to them to complete. 
    If you are applying direct, you'll need to send your declaration form to a registered UNSW agent or UNSW regional manager to complete.

I've submitted the form. What's next?

Our Admissions team will review your responses and be in touch if they require further information.

Guidelines for Agents to complete GTE checks

Student counsellors should follow the guidelines below:

  1. Download a copy of the Genuine Temporary Entrant – Interview & Checklist.
  2. Conduct a face to face interview following the steps outlined in the checklist.
  3. Sight financial documents demonstrating the student’s financial capacity to study at UNSW along with supporting documentation and personal statements.
  4. If satisfied with the conditions set out in the GTE interview & checklist, download a copy of the GTE Declaration. (If student is residing in India, download the GTE Assessment and Financial Declaration Form), Co-sign with the student, stamp with your agency stamp and upload to the Apply Online portal.
  5. UNSW will proceed with the application assessment and notify of an outcome accordingly.

Note: If a direct applicant has approached you to complete the GTE Checklist, you must also complete an Agent Nomination Form and return to with a copy of the most current Admissions correspondence (e.g., Offer letter, Conditional Offer letter etc).

Have questions about submitting your GTE documentation?

Contact us below. We’re here to help.