Setting you up for success

At UNSW, we don’t have formal subject prerequisites for any of our degrees, we have what’s called ‘assumed knowledge'. For some degrees and first-year courses, it's assumed that you've achieved a level of knowledge of relevant subject areas (e.g. Mathematics Advanced) that are required for you to successfully engage with the subject matter and thrive in your studies.

While not meeting the assumed knowledge for your chosen degree will not impact your consideration for admission to UNSW, we strongly recommend taking bridging courses or alternate preparation to fill in any knowledge gaps you may have and best prepare you for success in your degree.

You'll find the assumed knowledge requirements listed on our degree pages.

Bridging Courses

UNSW Science offers bridging courses in PhysicsChemistry and Mathematics. These in-depth short courses are designed to strengthen your knowledge in key areas required for your first year of study. They'll help you meet the level of assumed knowledge in these subject areas and be prepared for your studies.  

Looking for something?

Looking for guidance on Assumed Knowledge and Bridging Courses? Speak to one of our Future Student Advisors.