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Whether you want to drive lasting social change or protect the environment for future generations, studying social impact and sustainability give you the knowledge and skills you need to accelerate your career and drive impact in corporate, government, and not-for-profit sectors.

With organisations everywhere placing increasing emphasis on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), a postgraduate qualification in social impact will empower you to lead sustainability and social impact initiatives in both the corporate world and the not-for-profit sector.

Brent Hedley is already making a meaningful impact in his community through his role as Executive Officer at the Football Futures Foundation, which aims to change lives through football. He’s currently studying towards a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at UNSW to hone his skills in the field and enhance his ability to lead social change. He shares why he thinks studying social impact will add value to his career and what it’s like to be a postgraduate student at UNSW.

Brent, what inspired you to study for a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at UNSW?

“I’ve always wanted to combine my professional expertise in sports, health and community development with a structured approach to social change. I’m driven by a desire to create a lasting impact. The social impact course at UNSW is an opportunity to refine my approach, so I can implement strategies that transform communities effectively and sustainably.”

Tell us about your experience working in the social impact field.

“I work at the Football Futures Foundation, where I use the universal language of football to forge strong community ties and promote social wellbeing. I’ve also worked for the AFL Players' Association, where I focused on mental health and wellbeing, which cemented my belief in the power of social impact. These experiences have been pivotal for me in understanding the nuances of creating positive change in diverse communities.

How do you think studying social impact will add value to your career?

“I have two main goals: to enhance the efficacy of our initiatives at the Football Futures Foundation and to evolve as a leader capable of inspiring and enacting significant social change. The knowledge and skills gained in the course aren’t just academic accolades, but tools that empower me to develop impactful strategies in the real world.

What do you enjoy most about postgraduate study at UNSW?

“The social impact courses at UNSW stand out both academically and for their practical relevance. They’re designed to foster an engaging and interactive learning environment that blends theoretical foundations with real-world applications and offers insights that are immediately applicable in various professional contexts.

“UNSW also offers a perfect mix of flexibility and practicality. The course is tailored for professionals, so we can easily integrate it into our busy schedules. The most rewarding aspect is that the programme is directly applicable to my current role, which means I can implement new strategies and ideas almost instantaneously.”

What advice would you give to people who want to study social impact at UNSW?

“My advice is to approach it with an open mind and a readiness to engage deeply. This program combines academic depth and real-world relevance, preparing you to be an agent of change.”

Brent Hedley
Executive Officer, Football Futures Foundation

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All places within the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact are Commonwealth supported. If you receive an offer from UNSW Sydney as a domestic student, you’ll have a substantial proportion of your fees subsidised by the Australian government. 

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