At UNSW, you get it all: a vibrant uni community, globally-connected education and flexibility to study on your terms.

It's getting down to decision-making crunch time. You've narrowed your options to a list of five preferences, but now you're faced with a tough decision - which of those degrees is right for you? Hear from a few of our students to find out what made UNSW their number one choice.


Find your passion and your people

Beyond lectures, tutorials and textbooks, you'll find a diverse student community that welcomes difference. Our student organisation Arc is here to help you make the most of uni life. With 300+ clubs and societies, sports, volunteering and events on offer, you're bound to find your people and have fun. Whatever your hobbies and interests are, there's a place for you at UNSW.

Uni is about discovering the best version of yourself. To do that, you need a learning environment where you're encouraged to grow and explore. Our industry-leading educators are passionate about helping you build a better future. You'll work on projects that have a real impact on local and global communities. We'll empower you to make a difference. 

You'll find lively cafes, restaurants and our iconic entertainment venue, the Roundhouse, on campus, along with modern teaching spaces and cutting-edge research facilities. You're also just an eight-minute bus ride from the beautiful Coogee beach.

Our campuses are also where you'll find a range of student support services to help you reach your potential. From health and wellbeing to financial support and mentoring programs, there's a service available to guide you through each stage of your uni experience.

Building connections with UNSW Business Society
“What societies can really give you is a second family away from home. It's not just some people you hang out with at university every day, but more so a group of people where your motivations are all in the same direction."
William Tu
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies


Give yourself an edge and build your network

Don't wait until you graduate to start building your network. We have all the tools, expertise and connections you need to get started from day one. Our globally connected education gives you a competitive edge when you graduate by providing experiences in Australia and overseas. In fact, it's made our graduates some of the most employable in Australia.*

You can put what you learn in the classroom into practice through our local and overseas internships, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and entrepreneurship opportunities. Tap into our extensive industry connections to start building your professional network – these contacts could even become your future employers or business partners. 

Take your skills overseas with international opportunities that we've made easy to build into your degree. With a range of exchange, short courses and internship opportunities available across 300+ partner institutions, you can explore a new country, immerse yourself in a different culture and develop your global network.

*For the last four consecutive years, UNSW had the highest number of students in Australia's Top 100 Most Employable List (AFR Top 100 Future Leaders Awards 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023). 

Open countless opportunities
“UNSW has facilitated a few of my initial internships, really providing that foundation and the building block for me to build my skill set.”
Holly Lin
Bachelor of Information Systems


Three terms, triple the opportunities

Here at UNSW, we encourage you to do uni your way. Our three-term academic calendar (known as UNSW3+) has been uniquely designed to allow you to pack everything you want to achieve into your university experience.

The UNSW3+ calendar allows you to plan your whole year by enrolling annually. This allows you to take advantage of better alignment with northern hemisphere calendars for student exchange, internships, work-integrated learning, work and other extra-curricular activities.

You can focus on your more challenging subjects in your two-course term or free up time for part-time work. If you want to go on exchange or gain industry experience, you can work these into your calendar without having to extend your degree. Or you can add an extra course per year (so, three courses in all three terms) to finish one term early.

"You have extra flexibility with your time to tailor your student life at UNSW. I was surprised at the sheer plentitude of extra-curriculars on offer. You can volunteer, work, study, play sports and see live music all within the UNSW campus."
Alice Hu
Bachelor of Music (Honours)/Science

Whatever stage you’re at right now, keep in mind that there are no wrong decisions.

The degree you pick will set you on the path towards your future career. That path may be linear or take a few twists and turns, but either way, the outcome is the same - your time at uni will help you find out more about yourself, your passions and what you want out of your future. Get ready to take your place at UNSW.  

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