Taking the time to understand the University Admissions Centre (UAC) application process can help ease any concerns you have about the steps you need to take to get into university.

UAC allows you to apply with five course preferences from multiple universities in one easy undergraduate application. The order that you preference your courses will influence which degree offer you could get per offer round. We’re here support your transition from high school to uni, and this guide will cover the steps you need to take to get the most out of your UAC preferences when applying to UNSW.

  • Our main offer round for students currently in Year 12 is UAC December Round 2, with offers released on Monday, 23 December 2024. Change of preferences close for December Round 2 at 11:59pm on Wednesday, 18 December 2024. If you don’t receive an offer in the first round, you can still try our second offer round in UAC January Round 1.  

    If you’re an interstate applicant, your main offer round will be after your ATAR is available in January Round 1, with offers released on Thursday, 9 January 2025. Change of preferences close for January Round 1 at 11:59pm on Thursday, 2 January 2025.

    If you are a non-recent school leaver, you can participate in earlier offer rounds to secure your offer before the end of the year. 

  • You can still participate in subsequent offer rounds if you have already accepted an offer through UAC or directly from an institution. 

    Did you know you can participate in all available UAC offer rounds and hold multiple offers? Whether you have accepted an offer through UAC or one directly from an institution, you can still apply for UNSW. But remember, our main offer round for students currently in Year 12 is UAC December Round 2 with the close of preferences at 11:59pm on Wednesday, 18 December 2024. 

    To have the best chance of receiving a place in your dream degree, make sure you’re eligible to receive an offer by preferencing it in December Round 2, as many competitive degrees fill up quickly in later rounds. If you don’t receive an offer in our first round, our second offer round will be UAC January Round 1, with the close of preferences at 11:59pm on Thursday, 2 January 2025. 

    If you hold multiple offers, remember to check their expiry dates so you know how much time until you must make your final choice (this will vary across institutions).

Steps for preferencing your degree

Step 1
Preference your dream degree as 1
Step 2
Order your next choices from 2-5
Step 3
Revisit or change your preferences any time

Step 1: Select your dream degree

A great place to start when refining your options is to think about your interests, passions and the careers you might want. UNSW’s Degree Finder will help you find information about each degree and all the details you'll need for your application, such as selection ranks, adjustment factors, eligibility, prerequisites, UAC course codes and additional selection criteria.

Think of your preferences as your wish list. List your degrees in order of preference, and don’t be afraid to think big. Once you've done your research and decided on your dream degree, make sure your preferred course is your highest preference in your UAC application.

It's also essential to be on top of any additional entry requirements. Degrees such as LawMedicineAviation and Music have additional selection criteria that you’ll need to meet to be considered for an offer.

Step 2: Order your preferences

Repeat step 1 to select the rest of your preference list from one to five.

Each preference is considered in the order you've listed them, with offers made based on your highest eligible preference. If you don't receive the ATAR for your first preference, your second preference is then considered and so on.

Don't jeopardise your chance of getting an offer by thinking you won't achieve the mark. You won't be penalised for putting a preference that you don't get into. You'll be matched to your highest eligible offer no matter the preference.

Although you don't need to select five options, it's highly recommended because it'll increase your opportunities to receive an offer.

Step 3: Revisit and repeat

The reason this step is key is simple: You'll only receive one offer per UAC offer round, so make it count!

You can update your preferences as often as you like* before the closing date by logging in to the UAC website, with no extra cost. Keep an eye on the offer round change of preference dates to make sure your five preferences are in the best shape to receive an offer to the course you want.

After you've submitted your preferences and wait for UAC offer rounds, it's a great time to apply for scholarships, adjustment factor schemes, such as the Educational Access Scheme (EAS), register for Open Days and take advantage of other opportunities that'll prepare you for university life.

*Preferences can be changed at any time up until the UAC close of preference date for each offer round. Refer to UAC Key Dates 2024-25 for more information.

By taking these steps, you'll be confident that you're in the running for your dream degree and on your path towards following your passion at UNSW.

What if I don't receive an offer for my dream degree?

If you didn't receive an offer to your dream degree, make sure you keep it as your highest eligible preference – you could still receive an offer in later rounds! Find the latest key dates for each offer round on the UAC Undergraduate Fact Sheet.

If you receive an offer, even if it's not for your first preference, it's important to accept your place in case you don't receive other offers. You can still receive an offer in later rounds even if you accept an offer in earlier rounds.

If you accept an offer and still want to be considered in later rounds, remove your successful degree (after you’ve accepted it) from your preferences or move it below other preferences. This way, you could still receive additional offers.

Don't forget – You're not what you study!

You're never locked 100% into what you choose now. Follow your passion and the field of interest that drives you. Once you're admitted to UNSW, there are options to transfer through our Internal Program Transfer.

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