Speaking of university life, what’s the first thing comes to your mind?

From world-class education to making new life-long friends, UNSW will offer you valuable experience in and out of the classrooms in this beautiful city of Sydney. 

“The best thing to study at UNSW is anything that piques your interest. The more you love what you’re learning, the more engaged you’ll be in all your classes,” said Junias Tjanaria, a third-year UNSW student pursuing a double degree of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours)/Science.
The academic and student life support and resources on offer have made Junias' life much easier at university.
“UNSW has so many facilities that help to support you throughout your studies. We have academic support to improve your assignment skills such as essay writing. The Nucleus Student Hub can help you with every query to make sure you are enrolled in the correct courses so you can graduate.”
To third-year medicine international student Moumeeta Rehan, UNSW is the best place to prepare her for becoming a competent doctor.
“My time at UNSW has urged me to look at the bigger picture, taking inspiration from our experienced faculty who has been so instrumental in redefining my motivations and perspectives towards the field of medicine.”

Recently joined on-campus from her home country, Moumeeta’s positive online learning experience helped her seamlessly transit to face-to-face study.

“Even during the pandemic, I felt connected with my peers and supported by our faculty, which was so approachable and helpful in acclimatising us to an online setting.”
For Adam McCabe, who studies a double degree of Bachelor of Engineering /Science, the vibrant campus is a small society that allows him to keep absorbing something new while taking his own pace.

“The number of opportunities that UNSW offers is endless, there is always a way that you can get involved. Whether that is joining a society, participating in social and competitive sports, or pushing yourself academically with innovative subjects.

"The uplifting and inviting culture that UNSW has fostered over the years has helped shaped my future in how I learn and interact with people now and in my career,” he said.

“The University’s environment and student culture are next to none other. Consistently bumping into people from different classes, the wide range of food options and both indoor and outdoor study spaces make it difficult to leave once you set foot on campus.”
Adam is not the only one who finds the culture so engaging.
Third-year medicine international student Theodore Yu values meeting people from different parts of the world as the most exciting aspect of studying overseas.
“UNSW has a very diverse demographic which means that I get to meet people from different backgrounds. I really appreciate and respect this diversity, and I really learn a lot about different cultures.”
“Studying at UNSW gives you the opportunity to explore your passions and interests in a really holistic and practical way, and surrounds you with a community of people with drive and purpose that motivates you to also do your best,” said Katrina Pincaro, a fourth-year student who is pursuing her passion in creativity by studying Bachelor of Design/Media.
“The best thing to study at UNSW is whatever you are most passionate about and whatever you enjoy, the university will challenge what you already know,” she said, “I've found that taking as many opportunities as possible inside and outside of the classroom.”

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