Amelia Malouf

Amelia Malouf


Amelia Malouf has completed a Bachlor of Design at UNSW Art & Design.

Emerging designer, Amelia Malouf, says she’s “driven by creativity” and “possessed by a passion for typography”. Over the past four years at UNSW Art & Design, while she’s specialised in spatial and graphic design, her broad interest in the changing landscape of visual branding and communication has ensured that Amelia’s works are forever fresh and able to speak to new audiences.  

For the past six months she’s been a design intern at Mother and Father PR – known as MFPR – one of Sydney’s leading strategy and communications companies dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. MFPR are particularly skilled at getting products placed in shops nationally and internationally, securing celebrity endorsements, overseeing large-scale event management, and the construction of corporate alignment strategies. It’s been a good fit for Amelia who understands the importance of original vision in the delivery of successful products and events.

For her graduating project - which will be shown as part of the ANNUAL 2016 exhibition - Amelia has chosen to apply her spatial design skills to rethinking the architectural layout of Chongqing, one of China’s mega cities. Amelia’s concern is the loss of valuable social and cultural histories in the process of rapid urban development. Her project examines ways in which design can pay homage to stories, tradition, and memory while simultaneously meeting modern urban planning needs.  

Designing Connections: Narrative Layers in the City is an augmented reality project that enables pieces of the actual urban landscape (buildings, streets, bridges, etc.) to be reconfigured in a visual projection.  Amelia says she “aims to inspire collaborative experiences that uncover the character of the city and return traditions of social cohesion and ‘collective experience’ to public space”.