Research strengths

Discover the impact we're making to the lives of individuals and communities in Australia and beyond.

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Our research explores theories, ideas and knowledge to positively affect the advancement of teaching practice and policy across the globe.

Led by an internationally acclaimed research team, our exceptional researchers are actively engaged in many high-impact projects in the education system in Australia and abroad. 

Educational leadership, administration, management and policy

Educational leadership, administration, management and policy (eLAMP) research provides interdisciplinary expertise and thought leadership in the field of education.

Educational psychology

Educational psychology focuses on research into cognitive, motivational and social processes relevant to learning, achievement, teaching techniques and instructional design.

Gifted education

Research in gifted education focuses on the education, training and/or development of individuals of high ability.

Language and literacy education

Our community of teacher educators conduct research, teach and advocate in areas related to language, literacy and culture across the education system.

Special and inclusive education

Research into special and inclusive education aims to understand the needs of students living with a disability and apply the results to support academic and social inclusion.

Sociology of education

Research in sociology of education examines the effects that social difference and inequality have on all levels of education.

Teacher education and development

Combining research, policy and practices that are effective in improving teacher education and development to provide immediate benefits for teachers and their students.

Research briefs

The UNSW School of Education research brief series presents policy or practiced focused summaries of research undertaken by staff and higher-degree researchers.