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Our GERRIC for Gifted Students program is offered to gifted and talented students (students who can perform in the top 10% of their age-peers) in Years 3-10 at Australian primary, middle or secondary school. This is a school holiday program that expands the minds of bright, inquisitive individuals looking for an intellectual challenge that is more demanding and more fun than they may sometimes experience at school.

GERRIC Student Programs open a student's mind to abilities they may not have known they possess. At UNSW, gifted students meet others who share their interests and they are taught by educators who love working in this field. Our programs are offered on the UNSW campus and give students the opportunity to work on a small project.

GERRIC Student Programs are currently being refreshed to best meet the needs of our gifted and talented students and their families. The GERRIC Student Programs will be relaunched in January 2024.

2024 Programs

As we plan for 2024, we are exploring ways to refresh and refine the GERRIC Student Programs so that they better meet the needs of gifted students. As an important part of this process, we would like to invite you (as the gifted students who participate in these programs, and the parents/caregivers of gifted students) to provide us with your thoughts and ideas.     

We anticipate that your input will help us shape:  

  • The topics covered in our programs 
  • The format of our programs 
  • The length of our programs 
  • The timing of our programs 
  • Any parent participation and networking opportunities 

Please take 10 minutes to provide us with your valuable feedback.  

Parents and caregivers may complete the parent/caregiver survey here. Submissions close 27 August 2023.  

Students may complete the student survey here. Submissions close 27 August 2023.

To be notified of 2024 Student Programs information, including January dates and ticket sales, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Learn about what GERRIC can offer your student

GERRIC Student Programs are currently offered in two categories: Junior Scientia: Years 3 – 6 and Scientia Challenge: Years 7 – 10.

All workshops are developed and presented by experienced teachers who are qualified or experienced in gifted education. They possess the expertise and skills to encourage the interests and pique the curiosity of gifted children.  Workshops in Years 7-10 are developed and led by practising experts, the workshops follow a university-style investigative structure with intellectually-stimulating content.

To provide an appropriate level of rigour and challenge for gifted students, the level of difficulty of the workshops is set two years above the enrolled school level of the child. The workshop structure is also designed to further develop social skills and provide an opportunity for gifted students to meet like-minded peers with similar interests.

Past Student Workshop examples include:

  • Years 3-4: Ancient Greece: Exploring the Foundations of our Modern Civilisation
  • Years 3-4: Building self-awareness: an introspective look within
  • Years 5-6: Debating and Public Speaking Skills
  • Years 5-6: Ecowarriors
  • Years 7-8: Study in scribe school to become an Ancient Egyptian mathematician
  • Years 7-8: Wired Writing: Using technology to enhance your storytelling
  • Years 9-10: The Brain in Health and Disease
  • Years 9-10: Cosmology: Life, the Universe and Everything

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