Gain work experience while studying.

Students and teacher operate learning in a virtual reality cinema.

Volunteering is great chance to network while doing good service in the community. It can also be a “foot in the door” of a future workplace in some instances.   

See below for more information on the opportunities we offer. In addition, other sites that may be of interest to you are City of SydneyVolunteering Australia and Go Volunteer

  • Gaining hands-on experience in schools is an essential part of our initial teacher education courses at UNSW. The Matraville Education Partnership provides the opportunity for you to gain experience working in a diverse school environment from early in your degree program. 

    Many education students will receive a placement at Matraville High School as part of EDST2002 (second year), PE1 or PE2 (third or fourth year), or interact with the school’s staff, students and/or community members within other core courses (EDST5115 and EDST1108). 

    If you would like to volunteer with the program, in addition to the above, you will gain valuable experience and confidence working with students that are sure to set you apart when undertaking your formal placements, and will help you meet the needs of diverse learners in your classrooms. We are accredited with the UNSW Advantage Program to offer AHEGS-recognised volunteer hours for those who volunteer 20 or more hours of their time. 

    Please contact the Matraville Education Partnership Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering or undertaking a formal professional engagement placement at Matraville. 

    Please note: all volunteers are required to undertake a Working With Children Check. 

  • GERRIC contributes to many aspects of the education and development of highly able children and young people, offering school holiday programs of enrichment and extension, weekend courses for parents of gifted students and an internationally recognised Certificate of Gifted Education program for teachers, which brings world leaders in this field to Australia. 

    This opportunity is open to students of the School of Education only. To learn more, visit GERRIC Student Programs