Shaping bright young minds

The Junior Scientia program is designed for gifted and talented primary school students in Years 3-6. To participate in the program, students will select one three-day workshop from a range of options.  

All workshops are developed and presented by experienced teachers who are qualified or experienced in gifted education. They possess the expertise and skills to encourage the interests and pique the curiosity of gifted children.  

To provide an appropriate level of rigour and challenge for gifted students, the level of difficulty of the workshops is set two years above the enrolled school level of the child. The workshop structure is also designed to further develop social skills and provide an opportunity for gifted students to meet like-minded peers with similar interests. 

2022 July Programs

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BOOKINGS OPEN from May 23, 2022.

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On-Campus: Junior Scientia workshops Year 3-4

  • How has the ancient world shaped Western civilisation today? In this course, we will learn about a period of political, philosophical, artistic, and scientific achievement that has formed a legacy unparalleled in its influence on the modern world. Be prepared to delve into the weird and wonderful world of Ancient Greek mythology and explore how these stories still resonate over 2000 years later.

    About the presenter

    Madeleine is an experienced educator with a love of teaching world history. In particular, the rich history and culture of Ancient Greece. She has taught gifted classes across the spectrum of primary-aged students and is currently completing her Masters in Gifted Education. Madeleine is motivated by a passion to provide quality learning opportunities for gifted students and is currently working with her school to create a more informed and inclusive learning environment for high-ability students.

  • Which is more powerful: love or hate? Do you have to see something to believe it exists? How do logic and ethics influence how laws are made? Be prepared to exercise your brains in this free-thinking philosophy course! We will learn about how ethics and philosophy have developed over time and participate in numerous thought experiments as we put our values and ethics to the test role-playing running our own country and making our own laws.

    About the presenter

    Lucy is currently Gifted and Talented Coordinator Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 at a College in Western Australia. Prior to this she was Gifted and Talented Coordinator K-6 at a School in Sydney. She holds a Master with Excellence in Gifted Education from UNSW and she is passionate about educating and inspiring our brightest minds! Lucy was awarded the ACEL Mary Armstrong Early Career Leadership Award 2020 for her work in the field of gifted education.

  • Magical Muggle Studies is a three-day, face to face course, in which you will learn about the animals and plants that bridge the magical realm and the muggle world! You will have the opportunity to make bubbling cauldrons, concoct edible potions, and use your forensic science skills to determine if a suspect is guilty or innocent of a crime. There will also be opportunities for you to showcase your creativity, develop molecular gastronomy techniques and explore the magical properties of dry ice during a crazy chemistry class.

    About the presenter

    Nathalia holds a Bachelor of Science, with first class honours in Zoology. She has thirty years' experience working with children, from teaching in the slums of Medellin, Colombia, to working at childcare centres and teaching children karate. In 2014 she started her award-winning small business delivering S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) workshops to primary aged children. She has been involved with GERRIC since 2019, and is currently studying her Masters of Teaching (primary) at UNSW.

Online: Junior Scientia workshops Year 3-4

  • Toys and games reflect the culture of our times and they have always incorporated the evolution of new technologies. In this challenging workshop you will take your first steps in designing your own toys and games. You will work with your presenter to build a conceptual framework for toys and game development from first principles, including the origins of toys and games and the psychology of why people play games. Toys and game designers draw on popular culture and diverse knowledge and skills. Psychology, literature, computers, art, architecture, mathematics, physics, ergonomics, safety and marketing are some of the learning curves you will be starting. Get ready for some serious fun! 

    About the presenter

    Tim has a Masters in Education (Diverse Learning) and 30 years teaching experience exclusively in Diverse Learning. In 2014 he was part of a team which established the Newman Selected Gifted Education Program for Sydney Catholic Schools in the Inner-West Sydney Region. Tim has presented GERRIC workshops for 19 years since 2003. 

On-Campus: Junior Scientia workshops Year 5-6

  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to win an argument? Have you ever wanted to learn to speak with confidence in front of room of unfamiliar people? 
    In this workshop, you will learn to develop your public speaking skills in a range of varied, exciting and challenging individual and small group activities. You will develop the ability to deliver speeches to a range of different audiences in a number of contexts.

    In addition, you will learn how to use debating skills to project an opinion in a measured and informed manner, allowing you to improve your speaking and critical thinking skills. These activities will foster your future success in all school activities

    About the presenter

    Patrick is an experienced English teacher. In particular, he has an interest in the varied ways extracurricular activities shape the educational outcomes of High Potential and Gifted Students. Patrick is his school’s Gifted and Talented Education and Debating Coordinator, where he has coached teams and individuals to state representation. 

  • What makes a good short story? This 3-day intensive Creative Writing class will challenge gifted writers in Years 5 and 6 – that’s you! – to use evocative language to describe a variety of settings, characters, atmosphere and establish tension to entice your reader. You will learn to use sensory imagery and understand the rhythm of writing in this course, culminating in writing your own short story. We analyse the key elements of effective narratives and discuss strategies to write your own engaging original story. You will have the opportunity to evaluate your peers’ stories and reflect on your own writing practice as well. This is a great course if you love to write and want to extend your imaginative writing skills to really draw the reader into another world.

    About the presenter

    Madeleine is the Faculty Coordinator of Drama at the College she works at, where she has taught Drama and English for seven years, and more recently, the Gifted and Talented Program. Madeleine’s teaching experience and achievements include HSC Drama marking, her Drama students achieving state rankings, her Extension Writing class receiving first place in the Write a Book in a Day Competition for the Best Illustrated Book category, and numerous Year 12 students being accepted into the prestigious OnSTAGE showcase for exemplary HSC Major works. Madeleine studied a master’s degree in Gifted Education at UNSW, graduating with Excellence. She graduated from the University of Sydney in 2014 with first class honours with a double degree in Education and Arts (Performance Studies). Madeleine is passionate about creative writing and theatre, and continues to perform for theatre and film as an actor in Sydney.

  • Dystopia through the Ages focuses on the birth and evolution of Dystopia through the lens of historical events, key players and historiography. Given the current global climate there are many elements which our students can relate to. We will explore questions such as - What are the essential elements of a dystopian text? How did Dystopia as a literary genre come into existence? What are some key Dystopian texts which exist?  What would a current Dystopian text of your own read like?

    About the presenter

    Helen is a passionate English/History school teacher with over 6 years’ experience. She completed a Certificate of Gifted Education through UNSW. Having taught the 'challenge' ability streamed classes in the past, she is experienced with implementing differentiated programs for the gifted classes and gifted students.  An excellent teacher, Helen’s past HSC Ancient History class included a student who achieved first in SCS. She is passionate about gifted education and is excited to be joining the GERRIC student programs. 

Online: Junior Scientia workshops Year 5-6

  • Why do some people possess superior mental calculation abilities? Is it because they have a better memory, or is it because they have more practice? Find out and inspire your child with some of our speed maths techniques. 

    My online workshop is here to spark excitement and empower your child’s educational journey through learning Maths creatively. My speed Maths techniques are eye-opening for children and encourage them to actively engage in out-of-the-box thinking. I provide an opportunity for children to have a different mindset towards learning Maths. 

    Join my workshop to be inspired in thinking about Maths more creatively!

    About the presenter 

    James holds a PhD in Accounting and Finance. He has 16 years of university teaching experience and has taught at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. James has published 11 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has presented his research in both domestic and international conferences. 

    His passion and understanding of different learning styles has led him to develop numerous programs including gifted and talented student programs for GERRIC.

  • Do you have what it takes to make it in the business world?  In this workshop, you will discover how some of the world’s most powerful people made it to the top and how to turn a great idea into a great career.  We will explore the different ways that people earn money and how businesses operate.  You will then come up with your own business idea and develop you persuasive writing, speaking and leadership skills by learning the art of advertising and bringing your idea to life.

    About the presenter

    Michael has worked as a special education and gifted educator for more than a decade.  He specialises in differentiated instruction that challenges every student to grow, every day.  He has led the development and implementation of student-driven, project-based pedagogies at a range of schools and is an experienced GERRIC presenter. He is currently undertaking his PHD