At UNSW, we offer support to students who may be experiencing educational disadvantage or hardship. 

We’re committed to providing education that supports students regardless of their ability to afford these programs. They’re awarded to students who demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment to their study and based on specific selection. Some students also seek sponsorship through their school or local businesses and community organisations.

Scholarship selection criteria

  • Applicants’ parents will have socio-economic hardship as demonstrated by Centrelink documentation (‘Part B’ of their tax statement).
  • Applicants will provide a written statement outlining why they would like to attend the Junior Scientia or Scientia Challenge program.
  • Applicants are to provide a recommendation letter of support from a school or community leader.
  • Applicants must provide written evidence of meeting the academic selection criteria for the programs (such as test results or Opportunity Class placement).

Additionally, special consideration may be given to scholarship applicants who are:

  • Rural and remote students
  • Twice-exceptional (gifted students with disability)
  • Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students 
  • English language learners.