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The Academy Library encourages its clients to request items for purchase. These recommendations assist in the development of the Library collection and enhances its value and relevancy.

Approval of recommended items

Approval is not guaranteed – purchase recommendations are assessed by Library staff to ensure they're aligned with the research needs and/or the learning and teaching requirements of UNSW Canberra.

If, for any reason, we're not going to proceed with your request/s, a Library member will contact you promptly to advise you. They can also work with you to identify alternate resources and/or access paths to items.

We also ask that you note the following:

  • The preference is to acquire materials in electronic format wherever possible.
  • In most cases, any items approved for purchase will be ordered in a timely manner.
  • Once ordered, electronic items can be made available quite quickly (i.e. usually 1-5 days). Print items take much longer to receive, so please allow up to 8 weeks for this format.
  • Library staff will notify you when the item is received, if you have requested notification in the form below.

Any questions or concerns in relation to library acquisitions and collection development can be sent to the Collection Development Team.

Suggest a purchase