Parents' room

Baby crawling in front of mother

The Parents’ room is available on Level 2 (the top floor) of the Academy Library during the Library’s opening hours. It offers a space for students and staff with children. The room is available for breastfeeding, expressing milk, bottle feeding and short-term (1 hour) supervision of children.

The room has blinds for privacy and is equipped with a comfortable chair for breastfeeding, a fridge, toys, books and a desk to work or study on. Hand-washing facilities are available in the Library’s staff administration area on Level 1 during regular working hours. Please speak to a library staff member for access. Baby change facilities are available in the Level 2 accessible washroom facilities.

Students and staff must book the Parents’ room before using it. To do this, simply make an appointment in your calendar for the time you require the space and type in ‘parents room’ in the location tab, then select ‘CAN EDI B13 Parents Room (Library)’. The appointment will save to your calendar. Please add your name as the title of the meeting.

This service is managed by the Equity & Diversity Unit. Contact the EDI Unit within working hours for advice and support, or to provide feedback on the Parents’ room. More information is available at Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

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