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The Academy Library has two multifunction devices (MFDs) which serve as printers, copiers and scanners for use by UNSW Canberra students and staff, and visitors to the Library. One machine is located in The Lounge on the entrance level (Level 1), while the second machine is located in the concourse area on the top floor (Level 2). 

If you're a UNSW Canberra student or staff member these services can be paid for with the credit on your Student/Staff ID card.   

If you're a visitor to UNSW Canberra, you'll need to buy a photocopy card at the Print/Copy Recharge Kiosk. Once you've added a minimum of $2 to your account you can use the MFD for copying (printing and scanning aren't available). Please note that refunds are not given for unused credit.  

For assistance with the MFDs and/or the kiosk, please ask our friendly library staff. 

Copyright compliance is your responsibility. Observe the Copyright Act 1968 provisions and regulations at all times when accessing and printing resources both on and off-campus. A section of the Act is displayed near Library computers and the MFDs. 


  • Single-sided Double-sided
    A4 B&W: $0.11 A4 B&W: $0.20
    A4 Colour: $0.50 A4 Colour: $0.95
    A3 B&W: $0.22 A3 B&W: $0.40
    A3 Colour: $1.00 A3 Colour: $1.90

    You receive a 10% discount for double-sided services. 

    Add print credit online at

  • This service is only available to clients with zIDs. To print, you must first be logged on to a library computer. 

    When printing a document, ensure you select the default printer. By default, all jobs will print black & white and double-sided. If you want colour or single-sided, ensure you change the print properties before you okay the job. 

    To release your print job, ensure you have credit on your ADFA card. 

    • At the Print Release Station, pass your ADFA card over the swipe pad to log in. 
    • The account screen displays your account. 
    • Press 'Printing Release' on the account screen. 
    • Follow screen instructions. 
    • Remember to log out by either pressing 'Logout' on account screen or passing the ADFA card over the swipe pad again. 
  • This service is only available to clients with zIDs. Make sure you have associated your card and are connected to the internet.

    Step 1 - Visit and log in with your UNSW zID and zPass.

    Step 2 - Select the file(s) you wish to print.

    Step 3 – Once the status of the job is “waiting for release”, Go to any printer and scan your UNSW ID Card.

    Step 4 - Select ‘Print Release’ to print your job.

  • UNSW Canberra students/staff Visitors or non-Canberra clients
    At the copier, pass your student/staff card over detector to login. At the copier, input the receipt number at the Account screen.
    Account screen displays with account. Press the 'Copy' button on left-hand side of display pad.
    Press the 'Copy' button on left-hand side of display pad. Follow screen instructions.
    Follow screen instructions. Remember to logout by pressing 'Logout' on the account screen.
    Remember to logout by either pressing 'Logout' on the account screen or passing your card over the detector.  
  • This service is only available to clients with zIDs. 

    • Pass your student/staff ID card over the swipe pad to login. 
    • The screen will display your account. 
    • Press the 'Scanner' button on left-hand side of the display pad. 
    • Press 'Scan settings' to change the settings (e.g. colour/black & white/grayscale, resolution, etc.), then press OK. 
    • Select 'Email'. 
    • Select 'Manual entry', type an email address ( and press OK. 
    • Feed your document on to the tray on the top of the machine. 
    • Press the 'Start' button on your right-hand side. 
    • When you have finished scanning, press the [#] button to finish the job. 
    • Remember to logout by either pressing 'Logout' on the account screen or passing yout card over the swipe pad. 

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