Locker doors

Lockers are available free of charge in the cloakroom of the library for day use only. Each locker has a power point for charging mobile devices. Note: all lockers are cleared at the Close Of Business each day. 

To occupy a locker 

  1. Choose a 'Locker Number' (available lockers are open). The number is located on each locker.
  2. Enter the 'Locker Number' on the control panel, then enter your personal 4-digit pin number. Note: Simple codes such as 1111 or 1234 are rejected.
  3. Place your belongings into the locker and close the door. 

To open a locker 

  1. Enter the 'Locker Number' and your 4-digit pin number.
  2. The following will appear on the LCD screen:
    Are you leaving YES or NO
    (YES = End of Hire, Rental/Occupy Period)
    (NO = Re-entering locker and continuing use) 

For assistance with lockers, please ask our friendly library staff.