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The UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications is one of the largest and most prestigious schools of its kind in Australia. In the last 70 years, our school has grown out of a purely teaching institution to one which has made important contributions to the development of electrical engineering in Australia and globally.

Much of our history describes what we've done to establish and maintain itself in this position. Our teaching is driven by a complex process that involves considering industry requirements and best practice in other institutions. It also includes inputs from accrediting bodies and from the school’s own researchers to identify the knowledge that new graduates need to contribute to the future of electrical engineering and telecommunications. The content of core subjects is modified and new electives are introduced. Laboratories are regularly re-equipped and redesigned. New teaching methods are also constantly being tested.

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Our academic, professional and technical staff are experts in these fields and share research interests and teaching commitments across all five disciplines.

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Message from the Head of School

Prof. Julien Epps

The UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications is the largest school of its kind in Australia. It's international standing consistently attracts high calibre students from around Australia and globally.

Our education is internationally recognised for its quality and innovation, reflected in high student experience scores and teaching awards. Our academic, professional and technical staff are internationally renowned experts in their fields and offer the widest range of specialised elective courses and honours thesis or masters project topics nationally.

Our research has received the maximum 5-star rating of “well above world-class” in all Excellence in Research Australia evaluations: 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2018. Multiple university rankings list us as the top School for research in Australia and within the top 50 globally. We work closely with industry globally on dozens of cutting-edge projects that underpin and advance our technological society.

With $104M recently invested, we are now home to many cutting-edge laboratory facilities that are unique nationally and offer our students fantastic opportunities to develop as engineers.

As a school, we continue to offer a world-class, challenging and well-balanced learning environment that has produced excellent and valued engineering graduates since its inception.

Professor Julien Epps
Head of School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

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Studying at UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications is a great choice for your future. Choose from the widest range of engineering degree specialisations in the country and build the path to your future career.

Our researchers have strong international reputations and work in a wide range of areas, from energy systems to systems and control and telecommunications. Discover our research groups and facilities at UNSW Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications.