The Interactive Visual Media Processing (IVMP) lab is a world leader in developing coding, estimation and post-processing technologies for visual media, including images, video and higher dimensional media such as volumetric and plenoptic content.

Current research topics

  • High-Throughput JPEG 2000 image coding and communication (
  • Scalable image transforms
  • Depth, motion and illuminant estimation for video and multi-view arrays
  • Plenoptic (light field) compression
  • Disparity/Motion based view synthesis

Industry and international standards impact

  • FBCOT algorithm, adopted as the foundation of the new High-Throughput JPEG 2000 (HTJ2K) image coding standard (ISO/IEC CD 15444-15)
  • Kakadu Software toolkit for JPEG 2000, licensed to more than 400 commercial organisations.
  • Highly efficient implementation of HTJ2K integrated to Kakadu Software toolkit and an open-source implementation of HTJ2K (
  • JPIP technology for robust interactive image and video communication
  • Contribution to JPEG Pleno Lightfield standardisation efforts and extensions to JPEG 2000 for coding of discontinuous media – such as depth maps and motion fields.


Prof David Taubman
Deputy Head of School (Research)
T: +61 2 9385 5223

Dr Aous Naman
Senior Research Associate
T: +61 2 9385 4094

Dr Reji Mathew
Senior Research Fellow
T: +61 (2) 9385 4106