The Photonics and Optical Communications Group is home to a variety of research projects covering a broad range of photonics and terahertz applications. 

We have a long history in discovering methods still used today. Our team have developed many theoretical methods of analysing the performance of various kinds of fibres such as the stress birefringence in polarisation-maintaining optical fibre. 

Now, our ongoing research is focused on fibre laser, optical fibre sensing, special silica and polymer optical fibres and devices, planar photonic and waveguide devices and photonic signal processing techniques. 

Our areas of research include: 

  • Specialty silica and polymer optical fibres 
  • Photonic fibre devices: Lasers, gratings, amplifiers 
  • Fibre based sensors: structural health monitoring, distributed voltage/current sensors 
  • New photonic materials: Including organic materials for vision, display, tactile sensors 
  • Liquid crystal transducers for low-power, intrinsically safe sensing applications 
  • Optrodes technologies for brain/machine interface 
  • Integrated terahertz (THz) devices for next generation of wireless communication 
  • Sensing and imaging using terahertz (THz) radiation 

Industry partners & collaborations 

We have active links with industry partners such as: 

  • Schneider Electric 
  • Thales Underwater Systems 
  • Silanna 
  • Ampcontrol 
  • Sydney Water 
  • Lastek 
  • Nokia Bell Labs 
  • Toyota 
  • Laser Institute 
  • RailCorp 
  • NEC Labs 

We also collaborate with academic institutions such as Cambridge University, City University Hong-Kong, Beijing Jiatong University, University of Melbourne, Macquarie University, Sydney University, University of Adelaide, UniSA, and RMIT. 

Join our team 

Our group welcomes potential students with strong passion in photonics and background on physics, applied physics, electrical or electronics Engineering, chemistry. If you’re interested in joining our group, contact Professor G.D. Peng. For more information on how to apply, eligibility and scholarships available for local and international students, visit the Graduate Research School website

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UNSW Photonics and Optical Communications Group has access to a wide range of state-of-the art facilities for advanced research in Photonics. Our facilities underpin key cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary photonics research spanning chemistry, physics and engineering across Australia and globally.