Now situated within the multi-award-winning Tyree Energy Technologies Building, for over 40 years, SPREE has been the leading tertiary institution for students of solar and renewable energy from across the world, offering the only degree of its kind. We bring teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students and prepare our graduates for a robust career in a rapidly expanding industry: year-on-year, the demand for credentialled Engineers in Australia is growing by 30%, and career pathways in renewables are varied and dynamic.

Our graduates occupy positions in industry from TESLA to NEOEN, from policy and education to installation and R&D, from entrepreneurial startups to national energy corporations, and many opportunities between. Your academic career at SPREE will connect you with mentorship from global leaders in the field and will allow you to work hands-on in one-of-a-kind facilities with your peers. We will also guide you along your path to a meaningful, rewarding and highly impactful career where you’ll have the chance to make a real difference in the world.

We look forward to you joining us.


Discover more about our school and how we lead the world in solar power and renewable technology.

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It’s an exciting time for Engineers who choose to look at a world needing increasing amounts of energy and seeing the solution being in renewable resources available to everyone; sunshine, wind, rain, tides and biomass.

Worldwide, there’s a real need for the specialties that we teach. If you’re interested in these varied opportunities, we invite you to start your study with us.

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World-Leading Research

We’re continually undertaking world-leading research in solar and renewable energy within the outstanding world-class research environment at UNSW. Our graduates have launched multi-billion-dollar solar energy companies headquartered around the world. This is just one of many benefits of our strong links with international partner institutions.

We invite researchers to join in this illustrious history and to turn their own ideas for the future of renewable energy into reality. You’ll also have the chance to work alongside the most talented peers in their field.

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Connect with our world-renowned academics. Use our search tool to find the right person to contact by searching via keyword or role, or meet our leadership team.

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UNSW School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering offers students the opportunity to join exciting societies and participate in a rich social calendar.

There are many ways to engage with the expertise of our School. By working together, we can find the best outcomes for everyone. Whether alumni or industry partner, get in touch with us today.