Master of Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

  About Master of Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

UNSW Master of Engineering (Environmental Engineering) is a two-year degree that enables you to develop your technical knowledge and skills with Australia’s leading School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This program allows you to gain a depth of knowledge across a broad range of areas including project management, transport engineering, pollution control and water resources with a strong environmental focus.

This degree focuses on safe, sustainable and ethical development of urban infrastructure, allowing you to carve out a career that merges engineering and sustainability. With a strong component of industrial, on-the-job training, our program structure includes:

  • Six disciplinary knowledge courses
  • Five advanced disciplinary knowledge courses
  • Two engineering and technical knowledge courses
  • One design course
  • Two research project courses

 Why Study Master of Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

Focus on sustainability and the environment by studying a UNSW Master of Engineering (Environmental Engineering) to bridge the gap between engineering developments and an ecological future. Join Australia’s top engineering faculty to utilise your skills in maths, science and creative problem solving for a better tomorrow.

The learning experience at UNSW is boosted by our wide range of laboratory facilities, which include a VR simulator, computer laboratory and a rock mechanics laboratory for applied research into environmental issues and research.

This degree is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge of sustainable engineering, deeper industry project experience and increased technical confidence across selected research disciplines. You’ll also be given the opportunity to explore professional development opportunities to meet or maintain professional accreditation standards.

Your Career Opportunities  

Increase productivity and simultaneously protect the natural world as an Environmental Engineer. Challenge yourself in a diverse range of industries, from water management to building design, to ensure progress is made without sacrificing our environment.

Once you’re an Environmental Engineer, you’ll have a central role in implementing sustainable infrastructure in a variety of projects. You’ll coordinate the activities of specialist groups such as biologists, ecologists and geologists within major projects.

As an Environmental Engineer you’ll provide a creative and sustainable approach to industry challenges with career opportunities in:

  • Water Project Manager
  • Senior Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Health & Safety Director
  • Environmental Engineering Consultant
  • Green Building Engineer
  • Environmental Engineers Specialising in Sustainability
  • Transport Engineer
  • Water Engineer