Master of Engineering Science (Water, Wastewater and Waste Engineering)

About Master of Engineering Science (Water, Wastewater and Waste Engineering) 

UNSW Master of Engineering Science in (Water, Wastewater and Waste Engineering) is a 2-year full-time postgraduate degree that promotes flexible learning at Australia’s leading engineering faculty. It’s designed for students who already have a four-year accredited engineering degree and want to broaden their job prospects through cross training, re-training or specialisation. 

Water, like many natural resources, is the lifeblood of individuals and communities across the world. Effective and sustainable water and wastewater treatment are crucial for urban populations as well as environmentally responsible waste management. If you’re an engineer or professional interested in expanding your knowledge and skills in the area, this degree will cover current and future technologies for water usage, wastewater treatment and waste disposal. In this degree you’ll learn the fundamentals of current practices in this field and engage with existing and future technologies ensuring your degree is relevant today and tomorrow.   

This is a non-accredited degree and does not offer industrial training. 

Why Study Master of Engineering Science (Water, Wastewater and Waste Engineering) 

Engineering is increasingly relying on creating human solutions for problems at the intersection of the natural and human world. When you possess expertise in water and wastewater you can shape positive futures for individuals and communities alike. We’re committed to shaping a more prosperous, safe and just society, with an emphasis on sustainability and consideration of engineering impacts. 

This degree is taught through the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, at UNSW Engineering. We’re internationally placed by AWRU and QS World University Rankings as the leading School of its kind in Australia and as one of the world’s top 20. 

  • We offer a constantly expanding network of engineering industry contacts and partnerships 
  • We’re leaders in research and teaching excellence both locally and internationally 
  • We’re the leading Civil and Environmental Engineering School in Australia; globally ranked 12th  by QS Rankings, and 10th by AWRU 
  • Each year our researchers work with over 100 industry and government organisations on industry and community related projects 
  • Our Alumni are consistently high contributors to Engineers Australia’s Top 100 list of Most Influential Engineers 
  • Our academic staff are recognised world leaders in their fields of expertise 

Study With the Best in the Field

We’re Australia’s leading researchers in the development of all aspects of water technology from surface and groundwater studies to water quality and hydraulics. You’ll study in state-of-the-art laboratories including the Water Research Laboratory. This world-leading research organisation tackles the most challenging water engineering problems faced by the world today. 

Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches the laboratory spans four hectares and is home to state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and leading minds in their areas of research and industry. 

Your Career Opportunities     

Water is a key natural resource that plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Graduates of this degree have many professional opportunities available to them including becoming a Water Treatment Specialist with a public water utility like Sydney Water or a consulting company. You could also pursue a role as an Environmental Engineer managing water and waste issues for a mining company. The degree will give you the skills to engineer and design water infrastructure. 

Career opportunities include roles in: 

  • Coastal, ocean and estuarine engineering and management 
  • River flow, floodplain management and catchment hydrology 
  • Groundwater research and management 
  • Civil engineering hydraulics  
  • Offshore renewable energy 
  • Environmental studies and climate change adaptation 
  • Wetland Restoration