Chloe McFadden

Chloe McFadden

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Art & Design

Supervisors: Oliver Bown, Anna Munster

Chloe McFadden is a PhD candidate and artist interested in disruptive approaches for making with Machine Learning. Working and making on Gadigal land, her current PhD research is specifically engaged with our increasing faith in prediction and how artistic practice can form new understandings and space for reflection.

She graduated with first-class honours and the university medal from UNSW in 2021.

She also works at Arc UNSW as their Media Coordinator, helping run and facilitate student publications and volunteer programs on UNSW campus.

Chloe's PhD research engages how artists can creatively disrupt and engage our faith in prediction in relation to machine learning models. Faith, in the context of this research, encapsulates the magical thinking, narratives of progress and leaps of logic that underpin and enable how we engage and generate knowledge with algorithms. In her practice, she uses Tarot reading, as another method of prediction with its own practices, histories and aesthetics as a disruptive lens for engaging machine learning. Through this, she is interested in how artists can mobilise Tarot via practice-based research to halt, disrupt or make perceivable, the increasing familiarity with the claims made by technologies, and to foreground the ideas predictive machine learning naturalises.

Published papers

  • 2024 'Practices of Prediction: Tarot as a lens for disrupting ML eventfulness', Forthcoming long paper presentation at the International Symposium on Electronic Art held in Brisbane.
  • 2023 'Generated tools: A defamiliarizing approach to creating ML art', Short paper presentation at the International Symposium on Electronic Art held in Paris. Proceedings forthcoming.


  • 2023 Music of The Sails, Sydney Opera House, Sydney.
  • 2023 HDR Art Lab, AD Space, UNSW, School of Art and Design.
  • 2022 Incubation group exhibition, Prop Gallery, Sydney.
  • 2021 Generated Tools, UNSW Galleries, School of Art and Design.
  • 2021 Kudos Emerging Artist Awards Finalist, Kudos Gallery, Sydney.
  • 2021 My Deleted Letters (online exhibition), Kudos Gallery.