Fatemeh Jafaralijasbi headshot

Fatemeh Jafaralijasbi

PhD Student
Faculty of Business
School of Management and Governance

Fatemeh is a PhD candidate in the School of Management and Governance at UNSW Business School. Her passion lies in exploring the fascinating world of human interaction with artificial intelligence (AI). Through her research, Fatemeh delves into the antecedents and consequences of trust in AI at various levels, unravelling the underlying mechanisms that govern such relationships.

Fatemeh comes from a multidisciplinary background. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master's degree in Technology and Innovation Management, and an additional Master's degree in Philosophy. Her educational background has provided her with a unique perspective and a broad range of skills, setting the foundation for her innovative research endeavours.

Beyond the academic realm, Fatemeh boasts an impressive decade-long journey in the domain of entrepreneurship and start-up consultation. Her hands-on experience in the business world brings a practical and pragmatic perspective to her research. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, Fatemeh aims to contribute meaningful insights that can inform and enrich real-world practices in the field.

PhD candidate (in progress), UNSW

Master of Philosophy, UNSW

Master of Technology & Innovation Management, UNSW

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, IUST (Iran University of Science and Technology)

Australian government Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP) 

UNSW Business School Supplementary Scholarship