Fatima Iqbal

Fatima Iqbal

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Optometry and Vision Science

Longitudinal Changes in Meibomian Gland Morphology


Dr Jacqueline Tan-Showyin


Scientia Professor Fiona Stapleton

Professor Eric Papas



Meibomian Glands play a significant role in tear production by contributing lipids to the superficial tear film. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction destabilizes tears resulting in evaporative dry eye and is estimated to account for over 60% of patients with dry eye symptoms. Density of acinar units and acinar unit diameter have previously been compared between normal and MGD subjects using in vivo confocal microscopy (IVCM). However, it is now understood that IVCM is unable to visualize the meibomian glands. While infra-red meibography imaging allows visualization of the meibomian glands in the upper and lower eyelids, meibomian gland morphology in various populations including normal subjects and those with MGD, as well as longitudinal changes to meibomian gland tissue in different patient groups including dry eye and contact lens wearers, is not well understood.

Therefore, the purpose of this project is to develop techniques for quantifying meibography images, and to look for associations between those meibomian gland signs and symptoms of dry eye, and with other structural and functional changes in dry eye. This project will detect compositional changes of meibum related to disease among contact lens users and those with MGD as well as provide insight into kinetics of therapeutic drugs. The potential significance of this project is to identify factors affecting meibomian gland morphology, which may allow earlier identification of potentially damaging and irreversible changes.


Fatima Iqbal, one of the Global Ambassadors for Tear film & Ocular Surface Society graduated from The University of Faisalabad (TUF), Pakistan in 2016 with honors, and since 2016, has been full time faculty at the School of Optometry, TUF, while running private practice at Abdullah Memorial Hospital. She is also Associate Editor of the Journal Inside Optometry. Dr. Iqbal has been awarded with a Gold Medal by Pakistan’s Optometry Society in 2016 and 2019, and she remained Elsevier Student Ambassador from 2014-2016. Her expertise includes contact lenses and ocular infections, and ophthalmic instruments. She is also part of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee of SOVS, UNSW.


Researcher PhD Student at School of Optometry & Vision Sciences, UNSW. 2020-current

Master of Philosophy in Optometry from The University of Faisalabad, Pakistan. 2016-2018

Doctor of Optometry from The University of Faisalabad, Pakistan. 2011-2016



Keynote Lectures and Conference Papers:

Iqbal F, Chaudhary AA, Atta K. Association of Melatonin and Dopamine among Myopes and Non-Myopes. Published in Abstract book of 1st internal conference of Myopia in Pakistan, Faisalabad, April, 2019

‘Toric RGP Contact Lens Fitting and Assessment’ lectures delivered at Shalamar Medical University, Lahore in February 2019

‘Microbes & Eye’, series of 5 lectures delivered at ISRA University, Hyderabad in December 2018

‘Ocular Complications of Snake Bite’ presented at 1st international conference of Pakistan Optometry Society and Eastern Mediterranean Council of Optometry held in May 2018 at Marriot Hotel, Islamabad



Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia (CCLSA) Dorothy Carlborg Research Award (2020)

Gold Medal on Achievements in Optometry by Pakistan Optometry Society (2019)

Gold medal for performance in MPhil Optometry, The University of Faisalabad (2018)

Gold medal for outstanding performance in Doctor of Optometry, The University of Faisalabad (2016)

Global Ambassador TFOS (Tear film and ocular surface society)

Elsevier student ambassador 2016-2017



Educator Member and Low Vision Contributor at Brien Holden vision Institute

Member World Council of Optometry

Member of American Academy of Optometry

Pakistan Blind Cricket Council

Member of Society of Optometrists, Orthoptists and Ophthalmic Technologists, Pakistan

Member of Pakistan Optometry Society

Member of Lions International club

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