Mr Jhilam Sinha

Mr Jhilam Sinha

HDR students
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Water Research Centre (WRC)

Research Topic: 

A comprehensive characterisation of satellite soil moisture from a hydrological point of view

Supervised by:

Ashish Sharma, Lucy Marshal


Jhilam is a UIPA PhD candidate with the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Jhilam holds B.Tech from Tezpur University (TU, with Gold Medallist) and M.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IITG). His PhD work primarily focusses on the characterisation of satellite derived soil moisture from the hydrological perspective. The work involves establishing the importance of soil moisture in socio-hydrology, then addressing the primary disparities of satellite soil moisture with point-scale measurements using hydrologic inferences.

Research Interests:

Hydrology, Socio-Hydrology, Remote Sensing, Climate Change

University International Postgraduate Award, UNSW