Jingwen Yuan

Jingwen Yuan

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Art & Design

Supervisors: Patricia Flanagan, Zoe Veness

Jingwen Yuan, a contemporary jewellery artist and PhD candidate at UNSW Art, Design & Architecture, holds a Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art and a Bachelor of Arts from the China Academy of Art. Internationally recognized, her works seamlessly blend poetry, mathematics, and contemporary art jewellery, showcased in exhibitions across Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, China, and more.

Her current research explores the poetic possibilities at the crossroads of digital and handcraft in contemporary art jewellery. Jingwen aims to reshape poetry into wearable art by translating and visualizing linguistic data, bridging the realms of digital and traditional technologies.

With an innovative proposition, she develops data visualization methods to explore the relationship between the linguistic structure of ancient Chinese poems and forms of poetic embodiment in jewellery. Jingwen's research expands creative expression in contemporary art jewellery, treating poetry as a dynamic 'digital material.'

Dedicated to pushing artistic boundaries, Jingwen weaves together theory, poetry, and mathematics to redefine the language of contemporary art jewellery.

  • Data visualisation and computational (incl. parametric and generative)
  • Design
  • Crafts