Kathleen McKenzie

Kathleen McKenzie

Research Student

Master of Infectious Disease Intelligence (MIDI) / Master of Public Health (MPH) (Dual Degree)

Mode of study : 

Full-time & Part-time, Internal

Country : 


Previous Education : 

Bachelor of Biological Science, Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement, Master of Science - Epidemiology

The reason I decided to enrol in a degree at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine is because after finishing my MSc – Epidemiology I was looking to specialise in infectious diseases and after much research I found that the degree UNSW was offering was the best one in Australia. Staff from the school were very helpful with any questions I had relating to the course which was reassuring.  

Most important thing learned

I’ve learnt that it’s ok to change your mind with what you want to specialise in during the degree. The programs are fairly flexible, and all the staff are willing to take the time and assist you with any questions you might have.

Most challenging thing about your studies

Some of the coursework was definitely challenging. That’s why I chose to do this degree, I wanted to be challenged. But there has always been someone to help if things got too challenging.

Enjoyed the most

I’ve definitely enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world. The tutorials especially allowed for discussions on personal experiences which opened a whole new door into public health around the globe. I also very much enjoyed my internship with Health Protection NSW. It gave me a real insight into having a career in government and infectious diseases.

Message to newly commencing students

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The discussion boards for each course are a great tool to interact with other students and discuss concepts and personal experiences. Honestly this has been the most rewarding university experience I’ve had.

How degree will assist in your career

The MIDI/MPH degree has enhanced my knowledge and skills in public health and infectious diseases increasing my chances at future employment. Being able to do an internship has also increased my employment opportunities which I couldn’t have done without doing the degree.