Madhav Raman

Madhav Raman

Research Student

Madhav Raman

Master of Public Health (MPH) / Master of Health Management (MHM) with Extension (Dual Degree with Research Component)

Mode of study: Full-time; Internal & External

Country: India & Nairobi, Kenya

Madhav Raman is pursuing a dual Master’s Degree in Public Health and Health Management (Extension) at the School of Population Health (SPH), UNSW. Serving as a Coursework Students Officer on the Postgraduate Council (PGC) at Arc UNSW, Madhav is a member of the Academic Board Programs Committee (ABPC) and the Program Review Committee.

A Student Ambassador for the UNSW Health Promotion Unit, Madhav is actively involved in different programs to improve the well-being of fellow students. He has helped organize sexual health campaigns including SEXtember, assisted in the management of the Health and Wellbeing Ambassador volunteering program, and has recently taken up the responsibility of managing the Learn to Swim Program for international students. A social media influencer in his own right, Madhav is a regular on YouTube and Facebook, advocating for general wellbeing at UNSW.

Keen on honing his leadership skills, Madhav is active in attending workshops and seminars offered by the university and has participated in programs such as the Professional Development Program, Interchange, the UNSW Hero Program, and the Aspire Ambassador Program.

Madhav has been nominated for the 2020 NSW International Student Awards, which recognise the outstanding contribution international students make to communities in NSW and celebrate excellence in international student community engagement.

Here’s Madhav:

“I am originally from India, but I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, and still call it home. When I finished my undergraduate studies in medicine, I decided that I wanted to transition from a more patient-focused role into a more challenging role involving population health, leadership, and management. Hence that was my reason for applying to the Dual Master's Program in Public Health and Health Management. I enjoy participating in the many extracurricular activities and programs that are offered at UNSW, which has allowed me to expand my network and community and provided me with opportunities to contribute to UNSW as a student leader.”

Are you currently working on any research?

I am currently working on an exploratory research study with Associate Professor Reema Harrison and Dr Ramesh Walpola that focuses on building resiliency amongst carers for people with cancer. We also aim to establish the key challenges experienced by cancer carers in being a vital member of the health care team. The research project has allowed me to work with such distinguished faculty members at the SPH and learn more about the issues that cancer carers face. We are anticipating submitting this work for publication later this year. It has been an enlightening journey that proves that any work we do as researchers has a more significant impact than what we initially perceive.

What are your academic ambitions?

After the completion of my degree in December 2020, I plan to utilize my post-study working rights to apply for jobs within the Australian health system. My work as a Student Ambassador for the UNSW Health Promotion Unit has provided valuable experience in undertaking office administration and project management roles. These experiences, coupled with my recent work on my research project, have made me realize that I enjoy health management and leadership roles. I would also like to complete the Australian Medical Licensing Exam over the next two years so that I can tap into the numerous opportunities for public health physicians that are out there in the job market.

What motivates you?

The opportunity to use my skills and expertise to give back to the people around me and the wider community is what motivates me on a day to day basis. Serving as a Master’s Coursework officer on the PGC and as a student representative at the ABPC have taught me the value of being an advocate for the student voice at the university. As a health professional, knowing that my education and experience can be put to better use in improving a health system or improving health outcomes is another factor that motivates me. Our actions, however small or big, have a more significant impact on the world we live in, and thus it is our responsibility to ensure whatever task we undertake, we give it our best and nothing less.

How do you unwind?

I enjoy going to the beach to unwind, relax, and swim. Swimming has always been my go-to hobby ever since I was a baby right through high school when I used to swim competitively. I enjoy spending time with friends where we partake in playing board games and going on treks that Sydney and NSW have to offer. I am also a huge TV and movie buff, and whenever I can find time during my busy schedule or just after an assignment submission, I catch up on the latest flicks.