Milad Jannesari
PhD Student

Milad Jannesari

Faculty of Business
School of Risk and Actuarial Studies

Milad Jannesari is a PhD candidate in the School of Management and Governance at UNSW Business School.

Milad specializes in cross-cultural management, examining intercultural interactions, self-initiated expatriates, careers (including school-to-work transition and career orientations), and entrepreneurship education. His research promises to enhance cross-cultural teamwork, guide career pathways, and promote innovative entrepreneurship, leaving a lasting impact on these vital areas.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Zhejiang University, China 2019
  • Ph.D. in Enterprise Management, Zhejiang University, China 2016
  • MBA, Marketing specialization, Mysore University, India 2010
  • BS in Information Technology, Bundelkhand University, India 2007
  • National Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, research grant (AUD $9700) 2019
  • Zhejiang University City College, research grant (AUD $7000) 2019
  • Bowling Green State University, USA, travel grant (AUD $ 3000) 2019
  • Business School of Zhejiang University City College, research grant (AUD $30000) 2021
  • Chinese Government Scholarship (AUD $ 70,000) 2012- 2016
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