Mohamad Mourad
Research Student

Mohamad Mourad

BEc(Hons)/BA (Linguistics and Political Economy)
Faculty of Business
School of Banking and Finance

Mohamad Mourad is a Masters of Pre-Doctoral Business Studies student at UNSW Business School. His research interests include asset pricing and corporate finance. His research interests have been developed from 3.5 years’ worth of industry experience in commercial real estate research and advisory.

Teaching and Supervision

  • FINS3641 – Security and Asset Valuation
  • FINS5533 – Real Estate Finance and Investment


  1. The WALE by income: Insights for investors and practitioners in commercial real estate investments and valuations 2020 (White Paper - unpublished)
  2. What is a WALE worth? An economist’s take (White Paper). JLL Research 2018
  3. The Tenant-Landlord Matrix (White Paper). JLL Research 2018
  4. Macrodynamics of Household Debt Accumulation and Consumption. UNSW Economics Honours Thesis 2014